Rob Andrew Talk – 29th Nov 2010

REMINDER: Rob Andrew has been invited by the Club to give a talk on his preparation, build up and his experience in Hungary at the European Masters’ Championships.

This will be a great insight into what competitive running is about and being part of a major championship. with the aim of motivating others, Rob can offer advice on planing your season, and how club team event races can be useful preparation for this.

The talk will start at about 9pm on Monday 29th November 2010, after training at the Rowheath Pavilion :

20 mins intro about preparation over the winter, spring early summer, British champs – training, plans etc. including Rob’s principles of training and racing
10 mins break (to get a beer and chat)
20 mins about Rob’s experience in Hungary and Q&A’s

All club members are welcome to attend on what will be an interesting and useful talk.

6 Replies to “Rob Andrew Talk – 29th Nov 2010”

  1. Thank you, Rob, for taking the time to talk us through your recent successes – helping me as a mere mortal to maybe feel a bit more motivated to get back out there! Really enjoyed the evening.

  2. Hi Rob. Echoing other comments really, thank you for giving your time and expertise yesterday evening. It was truly inspiring, not just in your actual achievements but also in the focus you have in making these happen ….

  3. Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring talk last night Rob! And thanks to the organisers for arranging it.

  4. Rob`s Talk was interesting,enjoyable and very worth while attending.Hopefully it will be the first of many.At BvH `we` can support and encourage oneanother,and learn from oneanother.
    Clearly,Bournville Harriers is a Club that will continue to attract runners/athletes with hopes,ambitions and aspirations.We can not all become European Champions,but we can all improve/enhance what we can achieve by appropriate planning,training and preparation.I am proud to belong to a running club with so many pleasant and well motivated members.
    Barrie Roberts

  5. Sorry Rob Andrew,
    But I can’t make it next Monday
    becuase I have a Coaching Course in Manchester on that day.

  6. This will be a very worthwhile and interesting Talk and I would urge all BvHers to make a special effort to get there.Whatever your standard or stage of running you will `pick up` interesting tips and insights.And it will also be fun.