Pavilion Bar Relaunch Party

£1.50/pint, plus music provided (in part) by a mystery Harrier! (Hint: he has a beard).

From the Rowheath Pavilion website:

Over the past few weeks our bar has been transformed to a lovely fresh and friendly space to sit and enjoy a nice refreshing drink. As one of the only licensed venues in Bournville, The Pavilion Bar offers the chance to get together with local friends in a fantastic environment.

On Friday night we are having our relaunch party and everyone is welcome! From 7.30-11.30pm we have live music, a skittles alley, fantastic offers on drinks including £1.50 pints! Yes, you heard right £1.50 pints!!!! Come along and experience the new and improved Pavilion Bar with our brilliant team at Rowheath Pavilion.

Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2012-10-26
End Time: 23:30

Pavilion Bar Relaunch Party 

12 Replies to “Pavilion Bar Relaunch Party”

  1. I hope the veg/fruit fly wasn`t a `fly by night` character!

  2. What a shame, we cant make it. Have a date with Daniel Craig.. New Bond film. Have fun.x

  3. I think the fumes from my melting oven may have had an odd effect on my streams of thought 😉

  4. Ummm sorry Linda, you’ve lost me. Slightly worrying that I can invoke horrendous flashbacks that your subconscious has been trying to bury though. And here was me thinking we were friends!! 😉

  5. Took me a while to work out what Laura meant…then a horrible flash back made it all clear…

  6. Have you lot started drinking already? I think I ll come along to watch the veg fly.

  7. Let`s all turn up and celebrate BvH`s recent successes ——- And there is much to celebrate.Wear our medals and T Shirts.

  8. Are you being mean to Paul again? Oh sorry, vegetable, not vegetarian. I see now.

  9. The beardy burk knows when to quit. Usually before the rotten veg appears.

  10. Yeah why not. Unless the beardy burk is on too long, in which case I will go home!