#Parklife interim results

Over 400km of #Parklife racing has been completed so far, with just one weekend to go. Will we hit 500km? If you’re competing this weekend, submit your results here

Barrie Roberts and Lesley Pymm are key contributors so far with the most legs, and Alison Price has clocked up the greatest distance with an impressive 60km!

Andy Wheeler and Alison Price are the XC leaders, with close competition from Tom Robinson and Alice Smyth respectively.

It’s a similar sight atop the Road leaderboard, but this time with pressure from Sam Weaver.

Helen Clayton maintains top position in the Predictions leaderboard, understandably finding it difficult to improve upon 0.6% deviation achieved in week 1, after a few more attempts.

We’ve got leaderboards for key locations frequented by BvH #Parklifers!

All 426km worth of results listed here! Sorted by location.

Dave PownerXCCofton Park 5.80
Kevin PeaceXCCofton Park 5.16
Barrie RobertsXCCofton Park 4.58
Barrie RobertsXCCotteridge Park (XC) 4.77
Barrie RobertsXCGrove Park 4.70
Lesley PymmXCHandsworth Park 3.46
Barrie RobertsXCHazelwell Park 4.18
Alison PriceXCKings Norton Playing Fields 6.52
Dave PownerXCKings Norton Playing Fields 6.31
Steve MortonXCKings Norton Playing FieldsYes5.45
Clare MullinXCKings Norton Playing Fields 4.93
Andy WheelerXCLey Hill Park 5.81
Dave PownerXCLey Hill Park 5.45
Barrie RobertsXCLey Hill Park 4.47
Lesley PymmXCLey Hill Park 3.28
Alice SmythXCLickey Hills Park 5.36
Andy WheelerXCManor Farm Park 6.26
Dave PownerXCManor Farm Park 5.79
Dave PownerXCManor Farm Park 5.62
Mark WitheridgeXCManor Farm Park 4.56
Barrie RobertsXCManor Farm Park 4.48
Richard CuttsXCNewbold Comyn 6.18
Lesley PymmXCPark Road Open Space XC (Trail) 4.09
Lesley PymmXCPerry Hall Park 3.83
Lesley PymmXCPerry Park 3.62
Barrie RobertsXCQueens Park Harborne 4.57
Lesley PymmXCQuestett Nature Reserve 3.41
Andy WheelerXCRowheath Park 6.98
Tom RobinsonXCRowheath Park 6.60
Alice SmythXCRowheath Park 6.50
Sam WeaverXCRowheath Park 6.38
Alison PriceXCRowheath Park 6.29
Dave PownerXCRowheath Park 6.10
Paul SamuelsXCRowheath ParkYes5.64
Paul SamuelsXCRowheath ParkYes5.48
Helen ClaytonXCRowheath ParkYes4.60
Barrie RobertsXCRowheath Park 4.30
Barrie RobertsXCSelly Oak Park 4.48
Barrie RobertsXCSelly Oak Park 4.46
Barrie RobertsXCVictoria Park Northfield (XC) 4.15
Richard LeaperXCWalkers Heath Park 5.58
Kevin PeaceXCWalkers Heath Park 5.05
Charlie HurdXCWild card 5.90
Barrie RobertsXCWoodlands Park 4.42
Lesley PymmRoadAll Saints Park 4.01
Tom RobinsonRoadArrow Valley Park 6.67
Alison PriceRoadBrookvale Park 7.02
Lesley PymmRoadBrookvale Park 4.02
Alison PriceRoadCannon Hill Park 6.66
Alison PriceRoadCannon Hill Park 6.66
Alice SmythRoadCannon Hill Park 6.46
Tom RobinsonRoadCannon Hill ParkYes5.55
Alison PriceRoadCotteridge ParkYes6.44
Tom RobinsonRoadCotteridge Park 6.30
Sam WeaverRoadCotteridge Park 6.11
Andy WheelerRoadCotteridge Park 5.90
Alice SmythRoadCotteridge Park 5.80
Helen ClaytonRoadCotteridge ParkYes4.82
Helen ClaytonRoadCotteridge ParkYes4.33
Sam WeaverRoadKings Heath Park 7.01
Tom RobinsonRoadKings Heath Park 6.89
Alison PriceRoadKings Norton Park 6.40
Sam WeaverRoadKings Norton Park 6.08
Helen ClaytonRoadKings Norton ParkYes4.34
Alison PriceRoadManor Farm Park (Road) 7.08
Lesley PymmRoadRed House Park 3.48
Richard CuttsRoadRugby 6.24
Clare MullinRoadSandy Water Park 5.45
Andy WheelerRoadSelly Oak Park 6.30
Lesley PymmRoadSummerfield Park 3.89
Andy WheelerRoadSutton Park 7.32
Alison PriceRoadSutton Park 6.76
Alison PriceRoadWest Heath Park 6.75
Sam WeaverRoadWest Heath Park 5.07
Dave PownerRoadWest Heath ParkYes4.86
Helen ClaytonRoadWest Heath ParkYes4.31
Lesley PymmRoadWitton Lakes 4.09
Sam WeaverRoadWoodgate Valley 6.71
Helen ClaytonRoadWoodgate ValleyYes5.34