Parklife 30 Minute Virtual Challenge

Parklife 30 minute Virtual Challenge!

Our next Virtual Challenge for BvH members will begin on Saturday 13th Feb! It has opportunities to compete on Road or XC, at any parks of your choosing, but we expect most of which we will all be familiar with from the local area. Take part in as many or as few locations as you wish, with your best results counting towards your individual grand total final score.

Large teams will be put together when we know how many people will be taking part. Each team’s best competitor at each individual park will count towards the team score.

Each run is specifically 30 minutes, and your goal is to achieve as much distance as possible within that time, within that specific park. No specific routes are defined, but for Road venues, use the normal paths, and for XC venues, try to stick to the natural routes around the park taking in all its natural beauty! Just follow the heatmap!

Leaderboards will be created for Male and Female distances achieved at each venue, and points will be awarded for your position.Sign up now, and take part any time over the next three weeks (approx)

Please indicate on the sign up form, which locations you think you _might_ run at. This is not a commitment, only to give us an idea of how many people will take part at each location. An optional Prediction Leaderboard will also take place, for those preferring not to race, but to instead run “naked” or “blind” for 30 minutes, having previously guessed at how far they would cover. You can still take your watch, just promise not to look at it to influence your pace!It is ok to double up your run with any other virtual event (providing it’s ok with their rules, too!)


Male and Female scores will be separated (except for Prediction Only score)Any parks that don’t have a sufficient number of results will be bundled together in one bigger “Wildcard” leaderboard.

Team scores will be made up of their one best score in each location’s leaderboard, either Male or Female.

The points system will be finalised when we know how many people are taking part.

If you wish to run “naked” to do a prediction, simply provide your distance prediction prior to running (a new form will be created for that). It will then count on the “Prediction” leaderboard (XC or Road) instead, rather than the main leaderboard (i.e. it cannot count on both).

There is no deadline for signing up – you can drop into the smallest team if you miss the start.

Please forgive us for tweaking the scoring system as we don’t know how many results might come in!

Please register your interest, and let us know which parks you are likely to run in, here:

You all know this by now, but please follow Social Distancing guidelines when running.

You must be a club member to take part.