No Club run tonight – Monday 20th Dec

There will be no Club run tonight due to safety reasons because of the heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures.  The Pavilion is also closed.The next ‘official’ Club evening at the Pavilion will now be Thursday 6th January, however there are sessions being planned at Cofton Park on Monday 27th December and Monday 3rd January (instead of the usual Saturday mornings). 

2 Replies to “No Club run tonight – Monday 20th Dec”

  1. If the Pavilion had been open I would have turned up to run;albeit probably around the Field.So I have had to make do with a 90 min run/jog on my own in the snow.It was very invigorating,but I did feel very cold by the time I reached my nice warm house.Yes Mick you were right about the temperature.
    Without the opportunity of a hot shower, and yes even a hot drink,I reluctantly have to concur that the decision to not have a Club Session this evening was a wise one.I would have liked to meet up with my fellow BvHers,if only to wish everyone well over Christmastide and New Year. So Happy Christmas everyone. Barrie Roberts

  2. The BBC weather website is saying that MAXIMUM daytime temperature in Birmingham will be -3º and night time down to -6º. That’s cold isn’t it?