Marshals required for BvH Tour, 24th-28th June.

Without the help of willing volunteers it would be impossible to organise such an event, the very night depends upon club members and their family to come along and help marshal, supporting both the runners and organisers alike.

We would need to be at the venue from 7.15 so that you can report to us, find out where you are and head to your marshal point.

Monday – 10K at Rowheath Pavilion

Tuesday – 7 mile hill run at the Peacock Pub (Forhill)

Wednesday – 5 mile Canal run at Kings Norton Park.

Thursday – 4 mile XC at Cofton Park

Friday – 5K at Rowheath Pavilion


If you are available to help please email me and let me know what night/s you are able to come along and support.

We thank you in advance!

Rachel and Sue

6 Replies to “Marshals required for BvH Tour, 24th-28th June.”

  1. Sharon, I think it would be helpful if you email the volunteers, to ask them to email Rachel, as who the hell is aware of this website anyway, I’m not even sure it even exists anymore.

    Unfortunately I cannot run or marshal on any of the days, so if anyone can somehow get a message to the relevant authorities, the massive disappointment could at least be assimilated .

  2. guys – i think it would be helpful if you email rachel to let her know.

  3. I will help marshall. Let me know which night u need help.x

  4. Hi Rachel and Sue

    I’d like to marshall for the 10k on the Monday.