London Marathon Photo

Andy Wheeler writes: For anyone running in London this weekend. If we try to meet up at the triangle of grass in between the RED ‘good for age’ enclosure and the BLUE enclosure about 8-45 on Sunday morning to say hello and have a BVH photo.

There are almost 26 of us. See picture of map below. Good luck everyone. Hope it doesn’t snow

london marathon

12 Replies to “London Marathon Photo”

  1. Good luck to all BvH runners. So proud of u all.
    Matt, so sorry you are not able to run.x

  2. Good luck everyone- may your legs stay strong and your feet stay blister free:)

  3. Good luck to all those running. The weather looks like it might be just
    about right this year.

  4. Really looking forward to watching the race. Good luck club mates.

  5. Good luck to all Bvh members running the London Marathon! I will be watching on TV and hoping to catch a glimpse of teal vests! Enjoy and hope to see you and hear about your fantastic achievements(and no blisters) at club on Monday!

  6. good luck to all of you competing in the marathon hope you all enjoy pbs will be watching on t v hoping to catch a glimpse of you as you pass . Sorry you are injured Matt hope all the rest are fit

  7. Good luck to everyone running. I’ll be scanning the television for teal vests on Sunday morning.

  8. Good luck to all Bournville Harriers taking part in this year’s London Marathon. You have all trained hard to be ready for this opportunity so enjoy it and good luck 🙂

  9. All the very best to all BvHers for London this coming weekend. Carrying a sandwich board(s) prior to the Race may be better than eating one of Ed`s `bacon,veal and ham sandwiches!`

  10. A Bacon, Veal, and Ham sandwich?… before a marathon?… Well I suppose if It’s just a photo, things should be ok… just don’t eat it!