Ladies Road Relays – 22nd September 2012

These are the teams for road relays on saturday. Please be at Sutton Park from 12pm.

If you are running first leg please be there at 11.30, generally as a rule, please be there half an hour before your ‘leg’

Any problems please call/text/email or catch me at club tonight,


Becky Hampson

Team A
Caroline Harlan-Marks
Mel James
Linda Howell
Sarah Roberts

Team B
Sarah Rock
Fiona Heath-Brown
Julie Delahey-Slater
Aine Gallagher

Team C
Lisa Cartwright
Emily Holden
Aine Garvey
Becky Hampson

Team D
Liz Vaughan
Jude Glynn
Laura Gale
Sally Jane Scott

Team E
Lesley Pymm
Sam Gallagher

22 Replies to “Ladies Road Relays – 22nd September 2012”

  1. Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, etc?*….Barrie you’re the last person I would have thought condoned witchcraft…but thank you any way daahrling.

    * The Scottish play (IV,14-15)

  2. It is a great shame that the Road Relays at Sutton Park have had to be cancelled.Both Becky and Gareth had put a considerable time and effort into getting their respective teams `sorted out` and Ed`s comments on the matter were apt and timely.
    Barrie Roberts

  3. Sorry about my last comment. I’ve just heard the relays have been cancelled, it’s a great pity. And though I wasn’t running, thanks Becky and Gareth for all your hard work

  4. Sea of teal ,eye of newt, and tongue of frog… I say go for it,
    whatever works on the day.

  5. Impressive teams indeed 🙂 Looking forward to the ‘sea of teal’, and hopefully some broken records!

    Andy – Gareth’s had some delays with getting his list confirmed because it had some newish members on it and MCAA wouldn’t accept names of people who didn’t have EA registration numbers yet etc. I think he’s got all of that sorted now, so expect a post with the list soon. (He did get your email, by the way, I just asked him).

  6. Did the blokes ever get sorted? I have emailed Gareth putting my name down?

  7. Tremendous availability by BvH Ladies and really strong teams.Alas,I will miss the Road Relays this time round due to a running commitment elsewhere. All the very best to all who run next Saturday at Sutton Park.
    Barrie Roberts

  8. Entries for relays now closed. Thank you to everyone who signed up. Please email me ure email addresses so I can have accurate list of contacts to send teams, times and general information to?! Thanks all x – please email or text me !!!

    🙂 wooo bring on the relays !!

  9. Bit slow noticing, but that was definitely one of your more inspired efforts, Ed.

  10. Two more ladies needed to make 5 full teams which would be brilliant. Please let me know if u want to will be a great day….!!!

  11. Additions to road relays teams:

    Laura Gale
    Jude Glynn
    Julie D-S
    Sarah Rock
    Aine Garvey
    Aine Gallagher
    Fiona H-B

    Thanks all

  12. orlando- yes will try to, depends on the date, as have booked my weekends in now till the half, we do need to put up a good show this time yes mate. will we get many out?

  13. Sam – Gareth said he is sending an email out later this week. We need a strong team to qualify as we are in a competitive region. I’m planning to run, are you available?

  14. are the men doing it this year!! only people i speak have plans around these dates, be nice to get good teams out also

  15. Please add me too Becky. thanks 🙂

    ( and in case anyone doesn’t know- relay legs are just under 5k, there are no pesky batons (phew), it’s easy to get there on the train and friendly:) Also, having ended up running in incomplete teams ,I suspect anyone who is happy to run just if it’s to complete a team/ someone else can’t run on the day would be ever so welcome too 🙂 )