Friends of Victoria, Summer Fair – 16th July 2011

The Friends of Victoria are holding a Summer Fair at Victoria School on Bell Hill, Northfield.

Friends of Victoria is a registered charity which began as a Parent-Staff Association about 30 years ago. It has gone on to raise thousands of pounds for vital equipment and resources for the school.

The Summer Fair is on Saturday 16th of July starting at 1.30pm and finishing around 3.30pm and it is always one of the main fund-raising events of the year.

Please join us for a fun day and who knows what treasures you might find to buy! There will be lots of stalls and entertainment, please pop in and take a look.

The School website is


7 Replies to “Friends of Victoria, Summer Fair – 16th July 2011”

  1. Just wanted to say another huge thank you to all those that turned up for the summer fair, they raised over £2000 which is fantastic and it was the biggest turnout they have had for a long time 🙂

  2. Huge thanks to everyone who turned up today. It was a lovely surprise to see so many BvHers there. Just reminds me again what a great group of people you all are. For anyone who missed it I can still hook you up with a swimming costume for a pound, as we still had about 4000 of them left at the end of the afternoon. (No teal ones, as far as I could tell).

  3. Couldn’t really see from where I was standing, but I heard you were busting some serious moves during the Singing & Signing performance, Barrie!

  4. Katie and myself enjoyed visiting the Summer Fair. The Singing and Signing Choir was excellent,as indeed were the catering arrangements.We like to go out for a meal occasionally —- And why not on a Saturday afternoon! Furthemore ,our garden is pleased with the new addition;possibly a very rare plant!
    Good to see so many BvHers supporting a very good and worthwhile endeavour.
    PS. In common with Ed,I was also hoping to hear the euphemism being played.

  5. Yes, we’ll be there, and for all those of you with ‘London’ minds, Friends of Victoria is not a euphemism, and even if it was, we’d still go, if only to see what a euphemism is, I would guess it’s some sort or early harpsichordal version of the euphonium.

    We can’t wait to hear what it sounds like in the hands of experts, anything by Picketywitch will do us.

  6. It will be quite a standard summer fair with the usual stalls, nothing flashy, but any support would be appreciated. If nothing else you can come and see me make a fool out of myself in the singing and signing choir!

  7. Victoria School is an amazing school which does some incredible work for children with physical disabilities. We also have several members of staff who are BvH members so if you can spare an hour this Saturday, come and give your support…