Drink anyone? – 18th May

Sharon Weldon writes: for totally selfish reasons (i am injured and have not seen lots of people for ages. so feeling out of touch) i was wondering if people fancied an informal get together in a pub.

So what about the British Oak in Stirchley on Friday May 18th?

6 Replies to “Drink anyone? – 18th May”

  1. I’m planning to be there, but may not be able to get there until about 9 or so.

  2. a lot has happened since i originally posted this. i had thought it best to cancel, but a few people have spoken to me to ask if it’s still on because they would like to come.

    so if you would like to come, have a chat, have a laugh and raise a glass to absent friends, i will see you there.

  3. I am sorry to hear of your injury problems Sharon and hope that they are soon behind you. I think that a pint or two —– at the British Oak in Stirchley on Friday May 18th is a great idea. I,for one,would like to informally meet more of my fellow BvHers from time to time.`We` could discuss our training,running/race schedules and lots of other exciting things!