Warwick Uni XC Relays – REMINDER

Rachel Ward writes: The University of Warwick Athletics & Cross-Country Club has invited us to bring a team, or teams, to the Brose Warwick Relays at Cryfield Pavilion, Warwick University this Saturday 29th October 2011.

A few of us competed here in 2010 and had an enjoyable afternoon’s racing in a relaxed and friendly environment. It’s a great opportunity to experience a gentle introduction to cross country running over a 3km course. For those more experienced it is possible to have a good workout by running more than 1 leg – see the event information below.

Due to the relaxed nature of the event it is possible to form your own teams of 3 (ladies) or 4 (men or mixed). As mentioned above, team members are able to run more than 1 leg. Therefore if you want to form your own team please just go ahead and sort out your entry on the day – you will be reimbursed £3 for each team member by the club (the club will only pay for the 1st leg you run).

However, if you want the club to put you into a team and sort out your entry please contact Rachel Ward no later than Wednesday 26th October. Please note that Rachel will be wanting to prepare for the race on the day, and so will not want to be involved in last minute entries and sorting teams out on the spot. Your co-operation is appreciated, so unless Rachel is informed by 26th October please take responsibility for your own entry to the event.

Event info
* Relays legs of a 3.3km distance
* Teams: Men x 4 / Women x 3 / Mixed x 4
* Entry: £3 per athlete (payable on the day)
* Registration: 11:30-12:30
* Race start: 13:00
* Grass and woodchip course, spikes useful/essential.
* Competitors must be in the U17 age group or above (no upward restriction on age!)
* No restriction on the number of teams an individual or club may enter


4 Replies to “Warwick Uni XC Relays – REMINDER”

  1. Good luck everyone tomorrow looking forward to reading about it.

    Will try and come for a pint one Monday to catch up.

  2. XC Relays – This Saturday!
    Anyone that is interested in running the XC relays at Warwick Univeristy this Saturday, and wants the club to organise them into a team and do all of the registration, number collecting etc needs to email me by Thursday evening – rachelnward1984@hotmail.co.uk

    The race starts at 1pm and each leg is 3.3km.
    This is a great opportunity for those who have never tried XC before and would like to come along with less pressure and a fun day out. Spikes are not essential.

    So far its only the women that have emailed me their interest, for this race only I am orgainisng the men’s team too, you must email me if you want to take part. I should be at the club Monday and Thursday evening.

  3. I’m injured and won’t be racing but I definitely recommend this one as the cakes afterwards were ace. Flapjacks, brownies, cookies and chocolate crispy cakes were the bees knees after a hard run.

  4. I competed in last year`s Warwick Relays and strongly urge BvHers `to give it a go.`As Rachel has said,it is `an enjoyable afternoon`s racing in a relaxed and friendly environment` and a great opportunity to experience a gentle introduction to cross country running over a relatively short distance.
    Barrie Roberts