Club Run 17th May

It’s the moment so many have been waiting for! There will be a trial club run on Monday 17th May. In keeping with current government restrictions and EA guidance, there will be limited places available, but we offer two start times, each allowing up to 30 members.

You can choose to run the Cannon Hill Park (10km / 11.5km) route with a start time of 7:00 from Rowheath. Or you can choose the 7:30 start, and do the Manor Farm Park (8.5km / 10.4km / 12.7km) route. Click the distances to see maps.

Please sign up here advance of attending, to secure your place, specifying your time / route. Note that the Doodle form lists the 7:00 Cannon Hill option as “7:00 – 7:15”, and it lists the 7:30 Manor Farm Park option as “7:30 – 7:45”.

There will be no announcements, and the runs are not coached, so please avoid congregating, and do not wait for anyone to set you off. If you are in a group that trains on Mondays, please contact your coach to confirm arrangements.

Whilst the changing rooms will be open, and are scheduled to have been deep cleaned on Friday 14th, avoid unnecessarily spending time inside.

You all know this by now, but please do not attend if you have any symptoms, or should be self isolating. Please obey any instructions given by our Covid Officer Claire Daniels, who will be present at the start.

Keep your eyes open for further updates, as details are subject to change at short notice.

Enjoy, and stay safe!