Christmas Party 2012

This year’s Christmas “Do” will be on Saturday December 1st 7.30pm – 11.30pm at Rowheath pavilion.

Family and friends are most welcome. Tickets are £10.

The early date means it should not clash with any other Christmas stuff you have with work or family. It is the night of the cross-country so a great time to toast your victories (or drown your sorrows) whilst making some fancy shapes on the dance floor. There will be a disco, a bar, and a one course hot buffet meal.

11 Replies to “Christmas Party 2012”

  1. Thankyou Sharon and Team/to all concerned who organised and set up the BvH Christmas Party 2012. A successful and enjoyable occasion.
    Barrie and Katie

  2. As a WORLD CLASS INTROVERT*… in pre season training, I must decline your kind invitation.

    I hope this does not drastically effect your ticket sales.

    *MV60 95%

  3. Well thank you Mick, it’s nice to get recognition for something unrunning, I mean, if I wanted to go on about running I’d join a running club

    I know my views are not shared by a small majority , but for large minority who are least neutral, I would urge you, for accounting reasons, and continuity, to stick the penny* in a dogs head (make sure its got a slot in it, and it’s not a real dog).

    Coming soon, a high brow-lite ethical debate on the ” Sea of teal”.

    *I don’t know if it can be gift aided.

  4. Is there a deadline for submitting an application for the BvH club places draw in London 2013 Marathon?

    I have my rejection slip from the original ballot and would like to go into the BvH hat if possible?

    I understand the draw is made on Christmas party night.

    Cheers, Mark

  5. Hi Sharon

    I will be going would it be ok for me to pay on the night

  6. if you know of anyone who does not have internet access they can pay on the day – just get someone else to let me know