BvH Talk on Race Day Preparation

There will be a BvH talk focusing on race day preparation which will be at the Rowheath Pavilion from 9pm on Monday 19th September

Presented by Club Chairman, Steve James, the aim of the talk is to provide first-hand experience and advice on how to be physically and mentally prepared before you race and should be a useful guide for all BvH members.

4 Replies to “BvH Talk on Race Day Preparation”

  1. It might not be ‘rocket science’…. but It could be ‘brain sur……………………………………….

  2. Agree, really enjoyed the talk Steve, appreciate all the effort that you put into it. Very informative! Might even try a coffee on race day now as well!

  3. Just a brief note to THANK our Club Chairman,Steve James,for his excellent talk/presentation concerning race preparation.He clearly knows what it is like to race in competitive and talented company.Physical and mental preparation is clearly important if `we` are to get anywhere near fulfilling our potential as runners.This great sport of ours,Running,isn`t `rocket science.` What you put in dictates,to a very substantial extent,what you get out. Talk to the Coaching Team and your fellow runners and train hard,and like Steve,one day you could surprise yourself ——- And the rest of us!
    Barrie Roberts

  4. I would strongly urge everyone at BvH,yes I mean everyone,to seriously consider coming to Steve`s talk. Apart from gaining useful insights and tips,it is also an opportunity to learn from oneanother, and I feel sure that it will be a mutually supportive and encouraging occasion.
    Appropriate preparation not only enhances performance,but it helps one to avoid injuries.
    We are fortunate to have people with experience,ability and talent in our Club —- Let`s put it to good use.
    CU All at 9pm on the 19th September,2011.
    Barrie Roberts