BvH Member of the Month – Submit your nominations now!

As announced at the AGM, we will be honouring a member of Bournville Harriers every month this year. You can nominate anyone who has had a positive impact on your experience at Bournville Harriers in the last month or so, whether by cheering you on at a race, keeping you company on a training run, keeping you sane through your latest injury, or by doing something else someone might deserve recognition for.

All we need is a name and a brief explanation of the reason you’ve nominated that person. We will sift through the nominations at committee meetings and may bring some of our own. The whole point of this is to recognise a wide array of members for doing all of the little things they do to make our club great!

The winner each month will win a bottle of wine and will get a short profile on the website. We hope to build up a winners’ gallery of sorts, which will serve the dual purpose of honouring our members and giving visitors to the BvH website a flavour of who belongs to our club and why. Please note that you will need to be a paid-up member to win!

Nominations can be made by email by emailing bvhchairperson or by speaking to Chris on a club night. (Email is probably best, though, because my memory is pretty unreliable).