Pebble Mill Route on Monday – please try new map.

We will be switching to our winter routes sooner than initially planned, due to the dark nights. The training routes section of the website will be updated shortly with new maps, but in the meantime here is the map for Pebble Mill (Route B), which we’ll be running this Monday.

We are in the process of converting our routes to Google Maps, which should make the routes a bit clearer and which will allow you to look at the landmarks around key junctions ahead of time by using the Street View option. (If you haven’t used it before, just drag the little yellow ‘person’ from above the zoom in/out slider and drop it onto the map where you want to look). The blue line on the interactive map is the 6 mile route, with shortcuts in purple (4.5 miles) and extensions in red (8 miles).


3 Replies to “Pebble Mill Route on Monday – please try new map.”

  1. Thanks very much for that, Sarah. Really glad to hear that this clarifies things! I hope others find it useful too. I was a bit worried that the finished map looked a bit complicated, but I think being able to use Street View to look for landmarks makes it worthwhile.

  2. Chris, this is really good – I’ve never ever been able to work out where the 8 mile route goes but this makes it really clear! Thanks.