Training groups from September

Next week is an exciting week as we start the new training groups, plus the tryout sessions for the two faster groups.

– The Thursday mixed pace, open-to-all group, will start at 19:30 from Rowheath.

– Jon and Barrie will be running the Saturday mixed pace, open-to-all group, starting at 08:30 from Rowheath.

– Sean, Tom and Sam will be running Cofton as normal – usual time and place.

Tryout sessions will be Tuesday 07 September and Thursday 09 September at 19:00 (the groups themselves will run Tuesday nights at 19:30). If you’re 20 mins or faster at 5k for men, or 22 mins or faster at 5k for women – or have the potential or aspiration to do so with coaching and development – and can commit to regular and consistent group training, we want you to try out for the faster groups and come racing for the club at Road Relays and XC. We’re looking for approximately 10-15 in each group, so bring your fast feet – it’ll be competitive!

See you next week.