New Training Session!

A new off-road session is being added to the club’s growing training schedule, adding a new opportunity to train with your team-mates’ typical Teal spirit!

On a Wednesday lunchtime (12:30), meet at Manor Farm Park, B31 2AB, in the car-park.

Your coaches will be Dave Powner, Barrie Roberts, and Ali Price.

As this is off-road training, you will likely benefit from trail shoes as the conditions deteriorate over the winter. At the moment, you will get away with your normal road shoes when the weather is dry.

This session is part of a drive to attract new members – it caters for those who are unavailable during usual club hours, those who prefer not to train in the dark, the newly working-from home, those who only get the chance to train while the kids are at school, etc. Before we start to push this outside of the club, we want to make sure that there is already sufficient existing demand, so do let us know if it is something that will likely interest you in the near future, if you are not coming along just yet.

First session at 12:30, Wed 13th, Manor Farm Park. Enjoy!