Want to improve your running or get advice on your training? Then read on!

For a trial period of November a member of our coaching committee will be providing 1:1 training talks to individuals who want it or feel they need it! If you are someone who wants to improve and is in need of some guidance or you simply want to talk running/training/racing then this is for you!

For the first 4 Monday’s in November the coaching corner will run between 7pm-8:30pm. There are three 30minute slots available each week which can be booked by CLICKING HERE or via the ‘Coaching Clinic’ page under the ‘Coaching and Training’ section of the site.

Depending on the success of the initial trial period we hope that thereafter we can make the ‘coaching corner’ a regular occurrence, the vision being that we can help empower our members to reach their running goals!

If you have any questions regarding the new coaching corner then get in touch.