Cofton XC sessions continue…


BvH XC practice continues every Saturday at 8:00am, at Cofton Park (Low Hill Lane, Longbridge, B31 2BQ). This is an unofficial, un-coached session, based around the sessions Joe set for us last year. All are welcome! Please continue to post questions and comments below.

(original announcement):

Following the last Cofton session of the summer on 11 August, XC practice is now on hiatus for the summer. Practice will start up again on the morning of Saturday 8 September 2012. Monday grass sessions are now also over until next spring.

When Cofton sessions start up again, we’d really like to encourage anyone who is new to XC running but fancies giving it a go to turn up for the session on the 8th. The first couple of sessions are likely to be ‘fartlek’ runs, which are great sessions to start with, and September is the beginning of our season, so it’s a perfect time to come along and see if it’s for you. More info to follow…

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  1. Is there a Cofton session on tomorrow? I see the Warwick Relays are on in the afternoon but I’m not sure how these things work!
    Thanks. Jon

  2. Thanks Chris, I’ll let Rob know my intention. Just need to get my knee a bit happier after yesterday’s exertions!

  3. Hi Stuart,

    If you speak to Rob Andrew on a club night and tell him you’re interested, he can enter you as part of the team. Otherwise you can email him at and let him know. I believe the team captains just enter the teams on the day, but it helps them out if they have an idea in advance of who’s likely to be running. The Cofton sessions are great preparation, but they’re absolutely not a requirement!

  4. Hello, I’m keen to run the Birmingham XC League events this winter. I’m not able to make it along to the training sessions on Saturdays so wanted to check how I go about entering the series/individual events. Thanks, Stuart

  5. Hi

    Given the demise of the relay this weekend, is there still an XC session this Saturday?


  6. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for asking that, as it’s not clear in the original post. We do indeed meet at the carpark at 8am. (It becomes a more and more comical sight as the weather gets colder!)

    Hope to see you there. 🙂

  7. Where do you meet at Cofton – is it the the car park at 8am?

  8. Hello Jon – further to what Chris has advised, XC spikes need to be a tighter fit too. You don’t want too much room as on a muddy and wet XC course you want to minimise the risk of one or both becoming unattached from your foot!

  9. Hi Jon,

    Spikes are pretty essential for XC races, as they grip well and they’re lighter than trail shoes. We tend to practice in them at Cofton, partly because they take a little getting used to, as there’s nothing to them.

    That said, if you want to come along just to try it out first, you’ll probably be fine in trainers. That way you can buy some spikes after if you decide you want to keep coming. We do the warm up, dynamic stretches, and warm down in trainers anyway, and some people wear trainers or trail shoes for the whole session.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  10. Hi all,
    I have never done XC running before but would like to give it a go so am hoping to come along to the session on the 8th. Am I right in thinking that I should think about investing in some cross country spikes then? Do people recommend getting them fitted like I would with road running shoes? Or will my normal road shoes be alright to try it out?
    Thanks for your help,