Cross country meeting – Monday Sept 27th 9pm

With the cross-country season looming large there’s a special meeting on Monday September 27th starting at 9pm to discuss training and tactics, hosted by Sarah Rock, Rob Andrew and Joe Lewis – the good, the bad and the ugly!!

Anyone interested in cross country, from seasoned veterans to newcomers all welcome. The meeting will last no more than 1 hour. Come for all or part of the meeting, and listen to plans for the forthcoming season and how you can get involved.

9:00 Sarah Rock – ladies team

9:10 Rob Andrew – men’s team

9:25 Joe Lewis – training

9:35 Q&A

One Reply to “Cross country meeting – Monday Sept 27th 9pm”

  1. The XC Meeting was useful and informative.Thankyou to Sarah,Rob and Joe.Clearly,proper preparation for races,if we want to fulfill our potential (as a Club and as individuals), is essential.Improved performance and injury avoidance is possible for most runners.I know it`s a cliche,but `we` get out what we put in.And there is a logic and rhythm to the year ie.short and flat in the summer,longer and hillier towards the winter— And as was pointed out XC training/participation is beneficial whether one is a track runner or a long distance road runner.If you have never run cross country give it a go.You may be pleasantly surprised by the experience!Nothing ventured,nothing gaained. Barrie Roberts