New BvH Awards for 2016

The Annual BvH Awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise the winners and those shortlisted and to celebrate our values of Performance, Participation, Encouragement and Enjoyment. The Committee has decided to extend this opportunity, and particularly to acknowledge members who demonstrate “Participation” and “Encouragement” through the introduction of two new awards for 2016.

Race Report of the Year – the Race Reports on the club website are a fantastic resource; sharing the highs and lows of a wide range of running events, both local and further afield, and many of us will have signed up to something different on the basis of a race report we’ve read on the club website. Through this award we’ll share our appreciation for the time and effort that members put into the reports for all our enjoyment! So get writing and share those experiences, we look forward to reading them.

Volunteer of the Year – who doesn’t love to see a BvH marshal, all decked out in high-vis and teal, giving a shout of “Go on Bournville!” in the middle of a race or parkrun? The introduction of this award acknowledges those who give their time to organise and/or volunteer at running events for the club and within our wider running community.

As with the other BvH awards (with the exception of the John Ward Trophy, the Club Members’ Award and the Coaching Award), the shortlists and winners of these new awards will be chosen by the Committee. All BvH members are eligible for these awards, however, in the event that a committee member is nominated/shortlisted they will not participate in the selection discussion.

4 Replies to “New BvH Awards for 2016”

  1. Barrie, I sent you a message regarding your comment on when information comes out via Facebook versus the website; do let me know if you have a specific example? Our aim is to always post any formal, official announcements via the website, however, Facebook is also a useful means of sharing updates between members and links to the latest website news or reminders. We do recognise that not all members are on Facebook but it does enable us to reach a significant proportion of our members quickly and easily. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Barrie, the fault is entirely mine. For some reason, your report did not arrive directly and got lost in my junk email folder – no reflection on it’s quality I assure you!

    I have posted it now. Sorry for the delay.

  3. I sent in a Race Report on the Annual Falesia(Portugal) 5k Road Race 2016,but it hasn`t appeared anywhere – or maybe it has!
    I thought that I sent it via:- racereport@bournville

    PS. A lot of info seems to emerge via facebook rather than the official BvH Club Web Site.Perhaps someone can enlighten me or provide the necessary guidance.