Improvements for the Rowheath Pavilion

Message from Lynda Robinson from the Rowheath Pavilion…

Some good new year news: An organisation called Business in the Community have put the Rowheath Pavilion in touch with Jaguar/Landrover who have adopted the Pavilion as a “project” to allow some of their workforce to volunteer. 

The Pavilion met with the supervisors before Christmas and can now confirm that they will be decorating the men’s changing rooms, the old refs room and the toilets starting tomorrow. There will be 10 people working on Wednesday and Thursday this week and Tuesday, Wed, Thursday next week. 

They pay for all of the materials and will bring in a carpenter to fix the doors along with their cleaners to buff the main changing room floor. They will also seal the changing room floor, paint the benches and windows and paint up the steps leading down into the changing rooms.

They know that the changing rooms are used by BvH on Monday and Thursday nights and have selected their days to make sure that the changing rooms are available for use on those nights. (there may be a few “wet paint” signs around).

Rowheath Pavilion website here