Yacht handicap results and short report – Dec 2013

yacht_handicap_2013Freezing cold rain, high winds and cold temperatures could not stop some very determined BvH members turning up for the yacht Handicap this year. This members-only event had a great atmosphere and was a lot of fun to take part in.

The marshals were fantastic, standing in the freezing conditions to cheer everyone on. The great atmosphere was made even better by the awesome costumes worn by the runners during the race. There were escaped convicts, chefs, elves, santas, commandos, Disney characters, a monkey, a banana, a reindeer, a fairy and a few people even dressed up as runners! 😉 It all made for a really fun race, followed by some well deserved drinks and the chance to warm up in the bar after.

The Yacht handicap is not your typical race, as the winning team is decided by who came closest to their combined predicted times.


Team Name Runner 1 Runner 2 Total time Predicted time Difference
Tinned Santa Alan Orr Keith Elliot 1h 26m 30s 1h 28m 0s 0h 1m 30s
Got the Runs Nicola McKeon Richard Rollins 1h 16m 13s 1h 18m 0s 0h 1m 47s
Two Many Cooks Stacey Marston Heather Cowan 1h 5m 15s 1h 10m 0s 0h 4m 45s
Sebastian Slow and Smaller Radcliffe Go “Commando” Paul Gorman Laura Leslie 0h 52m 34s 0h 57m 30s 0h 4m 56s
The Crokes Jane Croke Alec Croke 1h 26m 54s 1h 32m 40s 0h 5m 46s
Santas Little Helpers Suz West Jude Glynn 1h 4m 10s 1h 10m 0s 0h 5m 50s
French Connection Tony Hall Ian Edginton 0h 56m 7s 1h 2m 0s 0h 5m 53s
Jungle Boys Simon Newman James Gittins 0h 55m 32s 1h 2m 0s 0h 6m 28s
M&B Barrie Roberts Minnie Barratt 1h 9m 31s 1h 18m 0s 0h 8m 29s
The Jail Birds Nicola Morris Phil Williamson 1h 11m 29s 1h 20m 0s 0h 8m 31s
KC & the sunshine band Chris Jenkins Katie Roberts 1h 20m 44s 1h 33m 6s 0h 12m 22s
Team M&M Martin Foster Marie Foster 1h 13m 22s 1h 29m 0s 0h 15m 38s

Best costume prize: Santas Little Helpers

Best team name: Sebastian Slow and Smaller Radcliffe Go ‘Commando’

Full results here –Yacht Handicap

4 Replies to “Yacht handicap results and short report – Dec 2013”

  1. We really enjoyed it 🙂 Those that turned up and took part had a great time, so I suspect it’ll be even better next year….. Maybe you should come along next time Mr October. Comments on the website help the most, but being there is almost as good….. Happy new year everyone.

  2. How about making it free next year… or a low key charity event… or different race altogether… Hardly anybody is interested … in spite of
    me and my teams tireless efforts to create a buzz over the years.

  3. I really enjoyed the event 🙂 It was loads of fun. Thanks to all involved…. (The full results are linked at the bottom of the post).

  4. I understand that the Yacht Handicap `is not your typical race` ,but there are some of us who would like to know our individual recorded times. They were taken!

    Thankyou to the Organiser(s), Marshals and Cake/Biscuit Makers/providers —– And to the Pavillion Staff Team. A successful and enjoyable occasion.