UPDATE – Yacht Handicap 2012 DELAYED

This year’s Bournville Harriers Yacht Handicap race has been cancelled and will be rearranged for later this winter.


Entry forms are now available:
PDF document
Word document

HOW IT WORKS: Pick a team of two; mixed sex/mixed ability is fine!

THEN: Predict the time you think your team can complete the course. All runners start at 11:15AM. The winning team is the team finishing closest to their predicted time.

DISTANCE: 3.6 miles per leg (approximate distance).

FACILITIES: Changing rooms and showers.

ENTRY FEE: £8 (£10 unaffiliated) per team. Entries accepted on the day for £10.00(£12 unaffiliated) providing race limit not reached. Cheques payable to Bournville Harriers.

RESULTS, UPDATES: Online at www.bournvilleharriers.org.uk

PRIZES: For first five teams.

ENTRIES: Email application form to shazmo@blueyonder.co.uk and bring your payment to the registration desk on race day.

No watches are allowed to be worn by anyone who is competing!

Entry form can be downloaded from these links as a:
PDF document
Word document

There will also be Grand Prix points for official marshalls and can anybody willing to help please contact Sue Ward.

9 Replies to “UPDATE – Yacht Handicap 2012 DELAYED”

  1. The yacht happening, is is not happening…. at least till the near future. Express your interest now to avoid disappointment, as this is going to be the “must have… Unputdownable …Go to guy” event of the new year… so places are going to be limited to the number of people entered… and no more…anyone wearing a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON teeshirt will probably not allowed to run, as this item of clothing could be deemed provocative… I don’t make the rules, etc etc etc.

    BONUS COMPETITION open EXCLUSIVELY to readers of this posting…. Predict the time and date of the rescheduled event ( no watches or calenders allowed) and win an unused packet of custard creams.

  2. Well, Suz and I are planning to enter and I’m sure there are others-(based on that fount of all knowledge ‘Facebook’!! ) just trying to decide what time to go for!

  3. There seems to be no GP points available, although it’s a Bvh event maybe the people who are interested in such things, have decided to martial instead, as here points can be collected.

    Despite my attempts to garner some enthusiasm… the yacht has well and truly ran aground.

    Thank you Sharon for all your efforts… but I think it”s time to abandon ship…or reduce the entry fee.

  4. so far one team has entered – from malvern.
    also helpers are needed – please see sue or chris

  5. Don’t know how my post from last year got in there – but anyway, I won’t be doing the Yacht Race this year as I had already booked into another race before the date was announced. I enjoyed it last year, so am a bit disappointed. I suppose if the other run is cancelled for any weather related reason (seems to be the story of my life at the moment) then I’ll come over!

  6. That clears it up a bit, if it’s after actual christmas, that’s ok, but if we where playing by australian rules, it would be more complicated, as they celebrate December in June or July… But surely every red blooded none aussie would love to beat them at their own game, so I think it’s worth the effort, even it means an away fixture, as I’m sure the £8 entry would go some way to covering the costs.

    The main hitch is the transport of the yachts, but I think this would no problem for your average nano technologist, (whom this sort of thing is meat, drink, and a pudding afterwoods) to come up with some thing one could carry on board as hand luggage.

    BRING IT ON (as the Modernites say)

  7. I think it’s the one after Christmas Ed, but you might want to check with the committee

  8. Hurray, Yacht cricket is back!… I should be able to do some fielding, but it depends on what sunday the 30th December falls on this year.