Masters XC Relays on 17 November

A message from Men’s XC Captain Rob Andrew: 

Dear Masters (those over 35 on Nov 17th 2012)

We have been invited to enter teams for the British masters X-C relays to be held at Derby on Saturday, November 17th 2012 (see link). Teams will have to be selected, but we can enter multiple age groups. Runners can only enter in one team, but it is possible to run in ‘younger’ age groups. It would be great to build on the success of Orlando, Dean and Sam at the recent BMAF 10k champs. If interested please let me know by Monday, October 29th stating d.o.b, name and EA Registration Number.


Rob Andrew

More info here.

We will also hopefully be entering a ladies team, so any ladies who are interested, please leave a note below or email women

25 Replies to “Masters XC Relays on 17 November”

  1. BvH W35 results are missing from the BMAF website – I think we ran just over 40mins and were 5th place…

  2. Another event that demonstrated how inclusive and supportive a club BVH is 🙂 A big thank you to everyone who turned up to support ( personally I found the course so much fun a race official offered to lend me her inhaler- ha ha!) It was a privilege to be part of the ladies team- thanks Mel, Sarah and Lesley 🙂

  3. Yes, great to see us putting out a good range of runners. Fun XC course. Whilst longer distances suit me better, wouldn’t it be nice if they were all 3k and through the woods. No ditch to negotiate 😉

  4. Well done to everyone who raced today, great to see team teal looking so strong

  5. I think I said I would run if there was a team to run in, but happy not
    to run if I was going to be a team of 1 so its probably ok. I will check
    via email with Rob.

  6. Dan – just looked on the entries email sent by Rob earlier in the week and can’t see your name. Perhaps email or call him? Thanks.

  7. Hi Dan – I am going to have a car full now I am afraid. Are you ok to get there? Paul, Sam and Ed are with me. If you need a lift then I am sure we can re configure.

  8. Is anyone meeting at the club to share lifts?
    I emailed my name to Rob but forgot to check on Monday if I
    was in a team or what was going on.

  9. Sorry Mel, I’ve got the wrong end of the stick again*, perhaps you’re referring to the card game,”My French Nephew”, a simplified version of SNAP**, played with the back of the deck… a partridge in a pear tree is usually trumps (hence the need for the spikes perhaps?) though no one would know this if played correctly.

    I hope that clears up this unsightly misunderstanding.

    *always was your hands after picking up the wrong end of an unknown stick.

    **a,k,a; SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP, etc,

  10. Ed – only just read your post – very funny!! A mucky euphemism, only you … wait til I see you 🙂

  11. Mel, I have pair of size 11 spikes going spare… I’m no mathematician… but you if happen to be size 5.5… one shoe should do… left or right?… I suppose it would depend on the weft and weave of the course.

    Ps, I hope ” my French nephew” is not some sort of mucky euphemism… there could be children watching after all.

  12. Birmingham Runner is fine – also Up & Running or Runners Need in town.

  13. A kind offer Sarah but , alas, no good for my feet 🙁 Speculating about buying spikes, is Birmingham Runner the best place to go if you need to try them on?

  14. My new spikes will hopefully be delivered by the 17th and so I will have an older pair (which I’ve just cleaned!) if anyone wants to borrow them – size 5.5 – if this helps!

  15. Cross Country is for EVERYONE who has a reasonable measure of fitness,is young at heart, and enjoys running and communing with the elements.Don`t be put off because you may feel that you may be of mature years.`Many a fine tune played on an old fiddle!`

  16. Mel – we would love to have you – I don’t want you to put personal details on the website, so please e-mail me your date of birth and EA reg number (Steve probably has my e-mail address – otherwise go via the women-xc one and it will be forwarded to me). Jude, we may well need you too. All I can say is that there is time to get spikes, or you may want to run in off-road shoes whilst you try it out. You’ll love it!! This does not mean that everyone can sit back and breath a sigh of relief – we still may need you, there are 3 different categories! There is still no-one coming forward who is as old and decrepit as me.

  17. I am keen to try out my new Nike xc footwear whose arrival is imminent.Looking forward to Belfast on the 10th November,2012 and Derby a week later.Hopefully there will be a good BvH presence,both Men and Women,at what will be a prestigious event.
    Barrie Roberts

  18. If you need anyone to make up a team I’ll give it a go- hurrah it looks like you have a team already though 🙂 ( I don’t have spikes either…and haven’t run in them..but if injuries and holidays lead to complete desperation I’m up for it;) )

  19. Exciting if we get mens and womens teams up to Derby. Really looking forward to it.

  20. Hi Lesley, I won’t be there for the announcements tomorrow but would like to run on 17th November to make up a team. It will be good practice for me as it’s a couple of years since I’ve done a cross country. Just the small problem of spikes … my French nephew is now the proud owner of mine!

  21. Thanks for that Sarah, I have just e-mailed Chris to ask him to make an announcement at the club tomorrow- injuries and holidays seem to be against us!

  22. For any ladies wishing to run in this event, each team needs three runners and each leg is only 3.1km (just over 2 miles!) and so its one of the shortest cross country races you can do and its great fun running as a relay team. Lesley Pymm and I are keen to run and it would be great if we could get a couple of different age group teams out – I’ll be at club tomorrow night if anyone wants to find out more – I’ll be happy to drive on the day if you need a lift to Derby.