Confirmed entries for Men’s Warwickshire XC Champs

For information the lists of those entered for the Warwickshire County X-C at Solihull on January 7th 2012 are:

Senior Mens race            
Gareth Cadd, Rich Bayliss, Chris Harlan-Marks, Chris Collins, Gary Blackman, Paul Gorman, Sam Chatwin, Matt Cook (Guest)

Masters Mens race                                                   
Stuart Mugridge, Matt Slater, James Gittins, Paul Dugmore, Simeon Paine, Stuart Pearson, Rob Andrew, Paul Thompson, Orlando Corea, Dean Parker, Andy Halliday, Ed Hartley, Barrie Roberts, Suresh, Barry Gardner, Terry Doherty, Jon Grix.

6 Replies to “Confirmed entries for Men’s Warwickshire XC Champs”

  1. Good luck to all BvH members who are running the County XC Championships at Solihull

  2. go to to Cross Country Links, down on the left, click on Warwickshire County AA, and all will become clear.

    Otherwise we (men) start at 2.30

  3. its says all day, does this mean we run a few times thought the day? how does it work. thanks

  4. mark it’s at solihull 6th form college Solihull 6th Form college (B91 3JQ)

  5. Can anyone confirm the address of the race (postcode if possible) as I will be coming along to support.