Wyre Forest Trail 1/2M – 7 July 2013

Mark finishing the Wyre Forest Half
Mark finishing the Wyre Forest Half

Lesley Pymm reports:  We waited a long time for summer to turn up this year, and it arrived with a vengeance this weekend.  I had not run the 1/2 for a long time as last time I ran it the weather was really hot and I decided that it was probably best not to do it again.  For the last few years it has been cooler and last year it was wet and muddy – much more my type of course – so I entered this year.  I should know by now that the British weather is not to be relied on!! 

The ground was rock hard in all but a very few places – even that boggy bit by the river, much loved by those who return every year for the 8 miler in February, was virtually dry.  I started off well, not far behind Mark, but decided that in that temperature I would be mad to race and decided to just ‘get round’. 

There were hilly bits, there were tracks and there were woody bits.  There were also shady bits and more exposed bits.  I found that I was slowing down in the shade, just to prolong it.   I let a woman pass me in the woods and then thought that maybe she was in my category.  I decided not to bother chasing as it was still fairly early on in the run and I did not want to exhaust myself.

There were three drink stations out there, with jelly beans at two of them.  It was well organised and well marshalled.  In a masochistic sort of way I enjoyed it, although I was pleased when I passed the 12 mile marker and knew that I could push for home.  I was surprised that the finish was not the same as at the 8 miler and was easier.

BvH did a clean sweep of the V60 cat, with Ed Hartley running a fantastic 1.41.16. I was 1st W60 in 2.24.37 (that woman was much younger than me!!).  Mark Doudican was also there and ran a great 2.03.58.

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3 Replies to “Wyre Forest Trail 1/2M – 7 July 2013”

  1. Well done everyone who finished this race,good report Lesley even if I was a bit jealous reading it after pulling out,however it was the most sensible thing to do especially in the heat.The marshall stations sound like my type of station sweets!!I will be entering next year and may get the rain.
    Thankyou Lesley and Martin for talking some sense into me too

  2. Congratulations to all the BvHers who successfully completed the Wyre Forest Trail Half Marathon. I expect that a few pounds were shed! An excellent Race Report from Lesley. There are times when `just getting around` is quite a good strategy to adopt. Very few of us are used to running in such hot weather.

  3. After all the comments on how soft the ground was last year, I was not expecting such hard packed conditions.
    I started off at my usual plodding pace with the main aim to get comfortably round. However at 8 miles I was really suffering with the heat.
    I was so glad there were water stations every 3-4 miles. ( I think at the last one I must have had 4 cups of water and 4 cola bottles).
    The course was nice and scenic with good marshalling and quite a few long drag hills.
    Well done to all who finished in such hard conditions. (Just hope it’s a bit cooler next year).