World Masters’ Track & Field Champs, Sacramento USA – 6-17th Jul 2011

Rob Andrew finishes a creditable 5th in the 1500 metres at the World Championships..

Despite a prolonged achilles injury and after finishing as second fastest qualifier in the heats of the 1500m at the World Masters’ Track & Field Championships in Sacramento, USA.  BvH member Rob Andrew finished in 5th in the final, in 4:11.6. 

Rob was in contention with 300m to go but lack of fitness meant he was not able to get in the medals.

Congratulations to Rob on a fantastic result under the circumstances and BvH are very proud of Rob’s achievement.

Event 592  M45 1500 Meter Run


    Name                     Age Team                    Finals



  1 Schwerkolt, Robert                    M45 Australia                    4:06.91

  2 Blackmore, Michael                  M49 United States            4:08.25

  3 Messiter, Sean                             M45 United States            4:08.82

  4 Carnegie, Joe                               M45 United States          4:09.98

  5 Andrew, Robert                          M48 Great Britain            4:11.61

  6 Serafin, Milan                               M46 Czech Republic       4:12.72

  7 Harms, Allan                               M47 South Africa             4:13.52

  8 Muldrew, Shawn                        M46 Canada                        4:13.65

  9 Philander, Tobias                      M47 South Africa             4:14.80

 10 Neefs, Marc                                M46 Belgium                      4:17.87

 11 Miller, Kevin                              M49 United States           4:21.02

 12 Mann, Jeff                                   M48 United States          4:28.70

 13 Bickham, Scott                          M45 United States          4:32.35

 14 Komel, Branimir                       M49 Slovenia                    4:36.98

 — Bailey, David                                M48 United States          DNS

 — Bourgeois, Gilles                         M47 Canada                     DNS

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4 Replies to “World Masters’ Track & Field Champs, Sacramento USA – 6-17th Jul 2011”

  1. Rob

    I know you would have won had you been fully fit.

    Unfortunately (as I know only too well), being fully fit for each race is impossible and racing against people you know you can beat but lose to because you are injured is hard to take and makes you wonder why you raced in the first place.

    But if we only race when we are fully fit we would never bloody race!!!

    You did great and injured you still run faster than me.


  2. It is great to have a world class athlete in our midst. Rob was 5th in the Final at the Masters World Championships in Sacramento,but on age grading percentage (94.03%) he was 2nd. A truly remarkable performance. Alas,injury/injury niggles tend to be a part of the `territory` when one is a high performing athlete. We know that you would have prepared and trained hard ( far as you were able),and that you would have a winning strategy for the Race — But when you are injured,you are injured and sometimes it just isn`t your day.
    I feel sure that you,your Family,your friends and all at BvH have every reason to be proud of your success.
    Barrie and Katie