Worcestershire Beacon Race – 12.10.2013

Lesley Pymm reports:  While most of you were fully engaged in either running or supporting the relays in Sutton Park, there were two from BvH clambering up the Malverns in teal!  Yes, it was that time of year again and what a difference a year makes.  Last year there was hail and it was pretty cold up there.  This year it was quite warm climbing up and it was a relief to get on the ridge and to feel the breeze.  Although it looked a bit ominous at the start the rain held off.

The  7ish mile race starts at Rose Bank Gardens in Malvern.  It starts on tarmac and grass tracks before heading to a steep climb on dirt tracks.  At this point the marshals were encouraging us to be patient and wait until we were on the top of the path before trying to overtake.  We quickly arrived at St Ann’s Well for the first time – lots of shouting spectators there.  Then there was more climbing through woods and around a hill before coming back down to the Well on a woodland track.

It was then off for the big loop.  This is a mix of paths and tracks with some good downhills before we hit the big climb up to the beacon.  There was support up on top as well this year – last year no one in their right mind would have gone up there to support! Thanks to everyone.  Great views, but you really do have to watch where the feet are going as the surfaces are not great.  Then it is a decent track around North Hill before dropping back down again through the woods and back to the Well for the final time – still supporters there shouting us on.  Not much further and then a steep decent before the run back in to the Gardens where we started.

Amazingly the winner (46.46) changed straight into his St John Ambulance gear and then started to do his bit to assist other runners!  Kevin Peace did the run in 1.10.12 and I did 1.17.39.  I was pleased with my time.  Conditions were great, not too hot or cold and not too windy.   I went back to the race HQ and got cake.  It was then that the heavens opened and it chucked it down.  We were so lucky!  Great race.

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  1. Well done Lesley and Kevin- good performances in what sounds like a challenging race! Glad the rain held off for you 🙂