Wolverhampton Full and Half Marathon – 5th September 2010

Mark Lynock reports from Wolverhampton on the full marathon – results from full and half available:

After a spending spring and summer doing nothing more than talking about running and pretending that I was training I thought it was time I actually started doing some running and train for my 10 in 10 next may.

So what better way than to enter a marathon and test the legs. So on Sunday I found myself stood at the start line of the carver Wolverhampton city marathon with just 6 weeks training a not many long runs under my belt.

We were the very last people to cross the start line and were in no rush to pass anyone as we had agreed this was a low heart rate training run, what this actually means is you run at a pace at which you can talk to every person see, why do people with their name on their running vest look at you so strange when you greet them by name?

The first lap was rather uneventful apart from nearly throwing up from the smell of the sewage works and nearly fainting at the sight of the man running in just his pants.

At about 16 miles we drew up alongside a couple of 100 marathon club runners, I don’t know if you have ever met any of these chaps but they are like the ‘Jedi knights’ of running. I always image them finishing their run donning their hooded cloak and light sabre and just disappearing into the mist.

The thing about running with a 100 club members is the air of calmness around them, they never look stressed or to be working hard and nothing phases them. Well this was what I thought till mile 17 when a very very upset running wearing a 100 club vest came running out of a side street to join our little group, he was swearing and mumbling about getting lost and saying he was fed up with the whole thing, I asked if he had run it before? “Yes 20yrs ago” “what! And you can’t remember the route?”

All in all I had a great run, it is a tough little course and has a few uphill flats but I would recommend it as a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.

Full results for Bournville runners:

Chip Pos name cat cat pos chip time
88 Terry Doherty M55 3 03:37:12
186 Mark Lynock M40 42 04:19:34

Half results for Bournville runners:

Chip Pos Name Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos Chip Time
199 Julie Delahaye-Slater 19 F35 2 01:44:39
339 Amy Sheppard 41 F 27 01:51:20
378 Maria Wilkes 50 F40 10 01:52:52
517 Lesley Proctor 90 F45 7 01:58:54 (PB)
522 Philomena Williamson 93 F55 3 01:58:57
623 Sarah Grocutt 120 F45 13 02:06:01

Full Marathon results – all (PDF)

Half Marathon Results – all (PDF)

Brian Smith’s pics here.

5 Replies to “Wolverhampton Full and Half Marathon – 5th September 2010”

  1. What great results – look at those category positions. Well done everyone!

  2. Full Marathon Results link seems not to be working.

    Well done to Brian Smith for his photos.


    Bryan Dale