Wheaton Aston 10k – 27 December 2010

Lesley Pymm reports: What a difference a couple of days makes. This was the first time in two weeks that I have not worn spikies when I’ve been running.

Road shoes were the order of the day at Wheaton Aston this year, and nothing like as many layers of clothes as recently as it was above freezing – not much, but enough to make an incredible difference. Most of the course was fine. It was a slow start, but once we got going running was pretty good.

There were a couple of roads where there had been more shade and not so much traffic, so there was still ice, so we had to be careful. Just by the drink station at 5k there were a couple of llamas in a field who were leaping around joyfully, they seemed to appreciate the runners charging past them. The T-shirt was a technical one, so will be useful in the summer for training in.

Given the conditions, I was really pleased to finish in just under the hour. I don’t think there were any others from BvH there – if there were, I’m sorry I missed you.

4 Replies to “Wheaton Aston 10k – 27 December 2010”

  1. Hi Martin/Mike

    Totals for 2010 are:

    Running events – 60
    Tri/Aquathon – 4
    Bike event – 1

    Plus a few hashes and a swim trek.

    And yes, Barrie – I am just really pleased that I am still able to run. It is not very long since I ended up on crutches after the Angelsey Marathon and was told that I would never run again owing to arthritis. Fortunately I am still able to run, but will never be as fast as I once was (it was never THAT quick, but considerably faster than now) and need to avoid road as much as possible. Hence more swimming/cycling and triathlon so that I can keep my level of fitness up without bashing the joints about too much. I also see a physio every couple of weeks for maintenance, just to make sure I am not damaging anything!

  2. I have just checked how many races i did last year I completed 47 How many did you do Lesley?

  3. Lesley clearly runs a large number of races – road ,cross-country and off road,and many of them in beautiful surroundings/settings .As runners/ athletes,whatever our age or ability `we` all have to make our own judgements/decisions re: getting the right/appropriate balance between quantity and quality.(eg.as someone `coming back from injury` I realise that it is important to know when not to run as well as when to run,and to realise that `we` can`t be running pbs everytime). As a new year beckons I hope that `we` at BvH can all capture some of Lesley`s natural enthusiasm/`joie de vivre` and sheer pleasure at being able to run. Barrie Roberts

  4. Hi Lesley. Thanks for the report. Have you totted up how many races you’ve been in in 2010. If so, let us know – it must be some kind of BVH record for one year?