Welsh Masters Athletics Championships 2011 – 5th June – Cardiff

Barrie Roberts competed in the Annual Welsh Masters Track and Field Championships which was held at Cardiff International Stadium on 5th June:

I competed in the 800m track and 1500m track events. The cold and blustery weather conditions (not what one expects in June), did not encourage a particularly good attendance, and it wasn’t a day for PBs.

However, I won both my Age Category (M65) Races – Two Golds / I am awaiting the ‘official results’, but think that I ran about 3:02 and 6:04

(Hopefully, I can run a little faster later in the month at the BMAF Championships at Alexander Stadium – But I will need to work on my track reps)

2 Replies to “Welsh Masters Athletics Championships 2011 – 5th June – Cardiff”

  1. Well done Barrie. 23 secs is a lot of differencewhen you are looking at relatively short distances, so let’s hope they amend the official results. Either way – you struck gold so that was great. BMAF watch out!

  2. Championship running is perhaps is more about beating the opposition on the day rather than,necessarily, trying to run pbs.This is particularly so when one has to run two races in a relatively close time-proximity. However,`addicts` such as myself still want to run`respectable` times. In this connection,I have been credited with a time of 6:29.1 for the 1500m Race,which timewise is longer by 23/24 secs the time I believe that I actually ran.It makes no difference to the Championship placings and although I have quiried/challenged the result ,I am not sure whether the final `official` results will be changed.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.I do not envy the job of the race officials who have to deal,at Masters level,with often large fields strung out across the various age/ability categories.In this particular race,there were track-side officials and the time-keepers were in the Stand.