Welsh Grand Prix series – 19 Feb 2012

Barrie Roberts reports: Great atmosphere at this meeting organized under the jurisdiction of Welsh Athletics. Great to be participating in an athletics meeting which was ‘all age’.

Many of the older runners were participating having just completed a XC season – not the best preparation for running shorter distances indoors. However, the Championships are about trying to beat who turns up on the day rather than necessarily running PBs. Hope to do that in the Spring/Summer!

I appreciated the support/assistance from my wife Katie, daughter Helen and my fellow athletes at WMAA. There is no ‘hiding place’ at these events as one is invariably identified by the announcer, as indeed is your club! The public address system announced to the world (slight exaggeration!) that I, personally, had had a good day, so I guess it must have gone OK.

400m 2nd(M65) Silver Medal 1:20.81 —– still very stiff after too much gardening on Thursday last!

1500m 1st(M65) Gold Medal 6:00.50 —– 20 mins after 400m. An improved performance in what was my main event; 16 secs faster than last year. A PB for 1500m indoors.

Full results (PDF).

5 Replies to “Welsh Grand Prix series – 19 Feb 2012”

  1. And so we have another national champion in our midst , demonstrating the length and breadth of talent we have on draught at Team BvH these days. It also goes to prove that although these modern training gimicks, such as HRT monitors,compassion socks, rep sessions (driving around in Ford Mondeo, how can that help?) and eating self cooked food, all have they place…It’s no substitute for good honest backbreaking labour the day before a big race. or as they used to call it … DIGGING FOR VICTORY
    So well done Barrie… SUPREME CARPET RACER.
    If you ran in your wellies…I hope you wiped your feet .

    You should try hurdles next time, as you’re always first to the bar.

  2. Well done Barrie – great results especially after the gardening!