Warwickshire County Cross Country Championships – 5 January 2013

The Warwickshire County Cross Country Championships are being staged at Newbold Comyn, Leamington on January 5th 2013.

It would be great if the club could get some teams out following on from our success last year when the Ladies won the Senior event, the Men won the Masters event and were also 2nd in the Senior event too.

Anyone who satisfies at least one of the qualification criteria for the County can race:
a) by birth in the County
b) by 9 months continuous residence prior to competition in the County
c) by 9 months service in a unit of HM forces stationed in the County

The Warwickshire County is defined as the Warwickshire pre-1974 boundary which includes Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and present Warwickshire areas.

If you are 35 years old or older on the day of the race (Jan 5th) you can be entered as a Master, or a Senior depending on your preference. You must declare which Age Group you would like to race in as part of the entry.

Nicola Cumley – will be organising the ladies entry, and Rob Andrew – the men’s. Please let them know BEFORE December 9th if you would like to run and provide the following details

Date of Birth
Age Group (Masters or Senior)
EA number
Qualification (a,b, or c)

Note BvH traditionally enters individuals and teams for the Warwickshire County event, but you may qualify for another County. County championships tend to be on the same day, so if you’d prefer to run in another County event as an individual (or as a team if there enough of you) please check out the information from the relevant County website. You will need to arrange for your own entry, but let others know you intend to do so in case they also qualify for that County too.

2 Replies to “Warwickshire County Cross Country Championships – 5 January 2013”

  1. The distance for women is 6K, the lucky men get to do 10K. The ‘mound’ (one of the features of the course at Leamington) is definatly good for burning christmas calories! I have sent you an E-mail that has a few more details on. Hope that you are getting back to fitness and it would be great to have you running on the 5th.

  2. I wouldnt mind having a go at this,how far is it?the run,not leamington.Ive got my athletics number now too,but ive also got an injury which is going slowly so hopefully i may be fit and back to my normal pace by then.Plus i will need to burn all those xmas calories off 🙂