Warm Weather Training 2012 – UNOFFICIAL Training Camp

Barrie Roberts writes: Dear fellow BvHers, if you have the means, the time and the inclination then why not have a week or two in the Algarve, Southern Portugal, during March 2012?
beach running
A number of BvHers have made frequent visits there during recent years. Running-wise, you can do as little or as much as you like – road, off -road, cross-country or track. There will be lots of runners there from all over the world, including a large UK contingent eg. Mike Gratton, former London Marathon winner, is likely to be out there running a ‘training camp’.

Also, Bruce Tulloh famous for his bare foot running and a former European 5000m champion, is usually around. Also, there are often races which one can enter eg. Lisbon Half-Marathon, Falesia 5k on the 13th March, and some cross-country. Men/Women of all ages/ability will be there.

NB. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL BvH TRIP. YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS. eg.travel,accommodation and insurance. We (The BvHers) usually stay at the ALFAMAR BEACH AND SPORTS RESORT HOTEL, ALBAFEIRA, ALGARVE. More info at: http://www.mpmtravel.co.uk/algarve/training/alfamar.htm

The middle two weeks of March are a good time to be there. As well as running there are scenic walks and opportunities to cycle, swim and relax.

We usually fly to and from Birmingham Airport (Monarch). Further information: see/talk to Barrie and Katie Roberts. tel 0121 426 2501