Two Rivers Race – 19 Sept 2010

Lesley Pymm writes: This was in Presteigne and I had entered in advance as I usually do. I got there in good time for the start, allowing for getting lost, delays etc and went to collect my number from registration.

I gave my name and said I had pre-entered and was handed the only number already out on the table. Yes, I was the only one who had pre-entered. The race director asked if I was OK running on my own. I told him I was used to it as I was usually so far behind.

Anyway, more did enter and there were 29 starters and 28 finishers. I did run on my own for most of the time as I came last and did not see another runner for about an hour, until I was overtaken by a young woman in the last couple of miles. It was a really good run, nearly all off-road.

We started up-hill on forestry commission tracks. It is in the woods on the border between Wales and England, so it was partly in each country. The event took us through the woods and hills, then a bit over farm land with lots of shiggy and then back into the woods and hills. It was a good way into the event before the river crossings, which washed the shiggy from the shoes.

It was about 6 – 8 inches deep, but quite wide so although I started off running through, it became more of a wade. The final downhill was pretty slippery and some runners complained about it and asked if the stones could be removed for next year!!! I found it OK as I had studs on and just ran in the mud, so avoided the slippery stones.

There were free refreshments – coffee and homemade cakes, medals for all and T shirts to category winners (I got 1st W55). There was a leisure centre next door so it was possible to get cleaned up again afterwards. My time was 1hr 50 – which was not too bad considering the course. I was last, but it was a disappointingly small field. I hope more people do it next year.

There’s another report on this race from a Hereford runner.

One Reply to “Two Rivers Race – 19 Sept 2010”

  1. Disappointingly small field, Lesley? Thats because it was not in the… likely award winning at the club Oscars “Know any races” section.

    One small criticism on an otherwise possible, Race report of the year contender, and that is, more information on the cakes (a.k.a The Main Event)….what sort of cake was it?…how much could you have? how tight was security on the table, was it filter arabica or Happy shopper instant ?

    This, I’m sure would lead to more entries next year, that and perhaps using a bigger field

    How many races have you done this year?