Track training starts 13th June

We’ll be starting track training sessions at the University Of Birmingham track every other Monday from 13th June.

The sessions will be with BvH Coach, Joe Lewis and start at 7.30pm. Meet at the track itself and have £2 to hand to cover the fee we have to pay to use the track. Parking is available at the Munrow Sports Centre, or University Station is a 5 min walk away.

As always, there will still be our usual BvH Club run for members at Rowheath Pavilion on Mondays, starting at 7.20pm

2 Replies to “Track training starts 13th June”

  1. Excellent track training session last night with JL.An encouraging `turn out` of BvHers of all abilities/talents. Next session at the University of Birmingham Track on Monday 27th June,2011 at 7-30pm — Do put it in your Diary,on your Calendar or just write a note on your arm/hand!
    If you really do want to run faster,rather than continue to run `one paced`
    all the time,then do have a go at a few track sessions.You don`t have to be a track specialist;although `we` do have a few members who enjoy the occasional track race.These sessions are designed to support/complement your other running.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. I know that BvH is primarily a road running/cross-country club,but I strongly recommend Joe Lewis`s track training sessions at the University of Birmingham.It will improve your leg speed and enhance/complement the other kinds of running which you do.This invitation is open all BvH runners/athletes and is not solely for the younger and faster runners.If you feel that you have become too `one paced` and would like to be able to go a little faster,then why not give JL`s track sessions a go.We can`t all become Olympic athletes,but most of us, with a little time and commitment, can improve on what we are doing.We get out what we put in. Barrie Roberts