Tour 2011 – Event 1 results

Here are the results from the first Tour of Bournville time trial event in the 2011 series and news of tomorrow’s run:

Rachel Ward writes: A fantastic start to the Tour this year, even the rain managed to hold off for us all. Well done to all those that completed tonight, I have heard many positive comments so far and I hope that you are all fit to come back for more fun tomorrow at Cofton Park.

Please be at Cofton Park for 7.15 at the very latest (start will be by the Car Park opposite the Rover Factory on Lowhill Lane, extra parking around the edge of the park with very short walk.)

Those who ran 50 min plus for the 10K will start a little earlier at 7.30, please see below for a list of names.

Those who have not run this evening and are joining us at Cofton, you will be able to collect your t-shirt and number at registration. Numbers will also be taken for the BBQ on Friday, please find out how many ‘extra’ tickets (if any) that you will be needing and if there are any vegetarians.

If anyone would like to write a race report at any point this week then please send to Dave Harte via the website

Those starting at 7.30 are:
Nicola M, Lesley P, Chi Chi, Angela V, Gaynor S, Phil W, Danielle P, Kelley S, Julie J, Marie W, Elspeth R, Katie H, Naomi M, Emma H Vicki T, Louise J, Katie R and Keith E.

Event 1 results:

6 Replies to “Tour 2011 – Event 1 results”

  1. I am a BvH Tour `virgin` and enjoyed my first time ie.on the Tour. Last night`s Race/Time Trial Course was unfamiliar to me, and I agree with Andy that it was `a tricky little course.`I had planned to aim at 50-55mins as part of a strategy to pace oneself over the 5 days, and to avoid injury. However,I know that I have to take personal responsibility for my own actions if my judgement/pacing is inappropriate for the 5 day challenge. There was a great atmosphere at last night`s well organised event.I hope to make the Start Line,with my wife Katie, for tonight`s XC at Cofton Park.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. Ed – you’re scything wit is enough of a ‘lift’ – certainly perked up my morning!

  3. I like to let to let my feet do the talking, though my mouth has been known to run-off sometimes.

    At the risk of of sounding ‘modern’…women can be just as bad as men at, multi-tasking, reverse parking, washing up, swearing, changing tap washers, interior decor, flying aeroplanes, making @*&+ing cupcakes……And… may I say, just as good.

  4. Don’t know if that will ever be in the cards for me. Think I could probably multitask well enough to 6-minute mile and trip someone up at the same time… Shall we test this theory out at Cofton, Andy? 😉

  5. Chris and Caroline H-M:

    You gotta learn how to 6 minute mile and chat and the same time … come on Caroline … I thought women were supposed to be good at multi-tasking!!!

    Well done all tonight – a tricky little course.