9 Replies to “BvH Tour 2011 – Event 2 results”

  1. I don`t remember being so slow over 4.2 miles. I would prefer two larger laps as I found it very hard work `running` up the third hill.A big thankyou to the encouraging marshalls. I don`t do hills in the summer as it`s a time for short distances over flat ground ie.track. However,my wife Katie appears to be cruising around effortlessly.Must be all the pre-Tour mileage which she did!

  2. We were thinking that that course was actually nicer than the 2 laps previously, I guess we were mistaken?!!! Although you all moan, I dont think I saw anyone walking up that hill! And from where I was, Dave H looked like he was storming up there!
    Hope you are all feeling ok, well done to all that ran last night and see you at Kings Norton Park tonight (7.30 start for the same group, 7.45 the rest of you).
    Andy – Im sure you are going to love the 7 miles of hills on Thursday, although Im not sure the worst is behind you, sorry!

  3. Ah Andy, hard parts behind us hey, I take it you’re happily blocking the thought of seven miles of hills, or rare you purely focused on the pint afterwards?

    On the plus side, at the turn around point this eve, we’re half way through the weeks mileage & 2.5 miles closer to a well earned BBQ 🙂

  4. @Fiona – mention the discrepancy in your time to Rachel tonight and we’ll adjust the results here in due course.

  5. Well done all.

    Cofton is hard work and even I nearly stopped on the THIRD time I had to climb the hill.

    Given that’s the Multi-terrain and X-C sections completed, I reckon a good bit of the hard parts are now behind us. Looking forward to the canal … although apparently the new handicap system means I am swimming rather than running tonight.

  6. WELL DONE EVERYONE. Everyone ran as hard as they possible could. keep it up guys x

  7. Thanks for the generosity with the results, but I’m pretty sure my time was 32:11… I was definitely after James anyway!
    Thanks also to all the marshalls last night – I wouldn’t have made it up THAT hill for the third time without all the encouragement!!

  8. impressive times at the front and the back – 10 min milling on that course is HARD!!!