The Killer Mile 2017 – Results

Well done everyone who ran in Thursday’s Killer Mile, another great event thanks to Race Director Dave Powner and his fantastic team of volunteers!

Provisional Results

5:42 Henry Brocklehurst
5:44 Jonathan Scott
6:02 Richard Keep
6:07 Chris Collins
6:13 Mat Pollard
6:21 Stephen Forcer
6:33 Adrian Fowler
6:50 Simeon Whiting
6:56 Ian Edgington
7:01 Tim Ogbourn
7:02 Paul Roberts
7:17 James Evans
7:24 Richard Shearing
7:34 Linda Howell
7:37 Monica Baptista
7:47 Rachel Hursey
7:52 Tim Hodges
7:53 Kevin Hogan
7:58 Bob Hockenhull
7:59 Jonathan Seadon
8:00 James Gittins
8:03 Emily Holden
8:04 Jude Glynn
8:13 Mathilde Housley
8:16 Jordan Stevens
8:20 Chris Ankcorn
8:22 Mike Woodall
8:32 Bec Jones
8:33 Phil Harvey
8:34 Louise Roper
8:34 Joanne Irving
8:37 Bethan Phillips
8:47 Alison Davies
8:48 Mark Freemantle
8:55 Fenella Halstead
8:59 Sam Pretlove
9:00 David Burton
9:13 Kevin Jackman
9:22 Paul Holloway
9:24 Miriam Stevens
9:30 Caroline Ankcorn
10:04 Tony Hall
10:06 Maggie Corrigan
10:11 Allan Green
10:15 Philomena Williamson
10:46 Ian Reynolds
11:02 Paul Selby
11:28 Primo Zamiola
11:45 Ruth Stead
12:03 Alan West
12:10 Natalie Taylor
12:12 Sophie Barford
12:13 Rosie Hannon
12:57 Sharon Savage
13:02 Sarah Selby
13:09 Sean Savage

Congratulations also go to tonight’s prize winners:

King of the Hill: Henry Brocklehurst
Queen of the Hill: Linda Howell
Prince of the Hill: Jonathan Scott
Princess of the Hill: Monica Baptista
Definitely Not Over the Hill: Adrian Fowler
Best Sprint Finish: Jon Seadon
Fastest Beginner: Ian Reynolds
Freshest Finisher: Caroline Ankcorn
Best Dressed: Mathilde Housley
Half Marathon Prize Draw: David Burton, Tony Hall

We had such a great turnout tonight that we ran out of goody bags at the end so please let me know on Monday if you missed out.