Telford 10K – 16th December 2012

Mel james reports on another fantastic PB and Club Record for Orlando Corea.

After being reliably informed that it would be a balmy 10 degrees in the Midlands, a very small group of Bournville Harriers set off for what is known as one of the best 10K races in the region. When we arrived we were greeted by dense fog and icy paths (take a look at the photos!)

After some scraping of the paths by officials, the race began. The race itself is split into 2 starts, one for the sub 40 minute runners and another mass start ¾ of an hour later. The start is tight as it begins on a narrow path and it took some of us a while to get through. (It wasn’t one of those races where my Sunday morning training partner Sian and I thought we could work our way to the front as you will see from the results!)

It’s a bit like the start of the 12 stage at Sutton Park but with lots more runners – over 700 runners eventually finished the race. The course then undulates through the park with only gentle inclines and long flat stages. The best thing for me about being in the race was the out and back stage where you got to see the pace of the Olympian runners Andy Baddesley and Nick McCormick just literally fly by. If you take a look at the results you’ll see how far some runners come to take part.

It’s a really runner- friendly event with the organisers happy for you to swap numbers right up to a few days before the start if you can’t run and want to give your number away. When I was handed a pink size 14 long sleeved top for my master’s prize the organiser took one look at me and said, “I’ve got a spare tin of sweets in the boot of my car, would you rather have them?” You can’t get friendlier than that!

The Bournville results are listed below and well done to Sam, Bradlee and Antony, but of course a special mention must go to Orlando Corea for yet another PB and Club Record. He ran an absolutely stunning race – well done Orlando. The time says it all.

Orlando Corea: 32.12
Sam Chatwin: 36.16
Bradlee Todd: 37.11
Mel James: 38.13
Antony Stewart: 49.11


10 Replies to “Telford 10K – 16th December 2012”

  1. Thanks Jude and Orlando; I think the freezing / muddy Saturday morning cross country training is paying off!

  2. Of course there’d of been no danger of anyone nicking the size 14 pink top Mel but otherwise I daresay a good choice 😉 Hope they left SOME good ones! Well done on your pb Anthony 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout Antony, I did hear it!!

    Well done on your sub 50.

  4. Jude – the sweets of course! Having said that, after coming downstairs from a well-earned bath, not only had the tin been opened but all the galaxy chocolates had disappeared. There were 3 dodgy looking suspects in the living room but no-one was owning up!!

  5. Enjoyed reading the Telford 10k Race Report. Congratulations Mel and Orlando;Near world class performances.And well done the other BvH participants – sound runs by you all.

    Barrie Roberts

    PS.I hope that you are not accepting sweets from strangers Mel!

  6. well done orlando wow you will take some catching also sam and brad Mel is a major she nkeeps turning out great times and also a special mention for antony you will beat your sons time i have faith in you

  7. Well done to all of you. Mel, I’m sure the baggy, pink look is in this year! Orlando, what would you have done without the longhaul flight the day before?? Great running from all of you.

  8. Thanks Mel for a great report. I started with the masses and was really pleased to go below 50 minutes for the first time.

    My Son has challenged me to match or beat his PB of 45:19; I sense a lot of training will be needed over the next 12 months to come anywhere near achieving that!

    I only had a chance to watch the elite race for a few minutes and spotted 1 BvH runner going at some pace; not knowing his name a shout of ‘come on Bournville’ was all I could manage.

    Well done to you all for fantastic performances.

  9. Some awesome performances-in what appear to be far from inviting conditions very well done all 🙂 (did you keep the top or go for the sweets in the end Mel? 😉 )

  10. Thanks for this report Mel. Massive congratulations to you on winning your Masters category, taking you to 12th V45 in the UK for 2012!!!

    Was slightly concerned beforehand that flying long haul the day before would cause me problems but felt good and ready. This race is awesome because it attracts some of the very best runners in the UK due to its PB potential. This year was particularly loaded with top men and women. When Sam, Brad and myself saw the start last at registration it was a case of who wasn’t on the list. Shame Mo had SPOTY or else he could have joined in with the elites 😉

    The first mile was fast and furious as a result. Ultra competitive race, loads of runners to pick off and work with. Hooked up with Ed Banks from BRAT with 2 mile to go and we really pushed each other to the closing stages.

    Races like this really inspire me to keep training and pushing to the next level and beyond.