Taunton half marathon – 1st April 2012

Ed Hartley report: On a perfect day for racing, me and a thousand other runners set out through the streets of Taunton, right and lefting it till we hit the straight smooth tarmac of the open road, with nice long pulls to the halfway (quarterway?) point.
Taunton Marathon 2011
Then off the main road, on to country lanes, passing through villages, and onto the A38, for about a mile and a half. This is the only flaw in the coarse, as you have to run on a narrow pathway, which would be a problem if you had some serious overtaking to do, thankfully I didn’t, though I can’t speak for the swearing runners behind me. At around eleven miles there is a nice bonus of a drop through some shady trees, giving some respite before the final run in.

The men’s race was won by: Peter Monaghan M45 of Torbay AC, in a time of 1:14:52. Second was Arran Tocknell, also of Torbay AC, in a time of 1:15:9.

The woman’s race was won by: Vicky Pincombe F35, in a time of 1:20:04. Second was Ann Luke F55 in a time of 1:21:11…….thats right you heard it correctly 1:21:11…… a new british record… and I was there…. about four minutes later…..fantastic…. not me… her… though me as well.

On a more serious note. I didn’t see any cake at the finish, not even bleeping cupcakes, fortunately I had some malt loaf in my bag, though I don’t know if it counts a cake, it’s certainly not a biscuit, try using a hobnob as emergency bluetack to stick little Johnie’s picture of a dinosaur eating granny, on the fridge….And don’t get me started on teacake.

So overall I would recommend the Taunton half to anyone wanting to get a reasonable time, or any other time.

Race website: www.tauntonmarathon.co.uk

5 Replies to “Taunton half marathon – 1st April 2012”

  1. That is a seriously impressive time, Ed, although I would have to disagree with you about teacake.

  2. Thank you all for your Kind comments,, Yes Barrie I think there is a couple more minutes I can get off my time, and it is nice to get in the UK rankings…I couldn’t have done it without my Pin doctoR tm fastenings.

    Andrew I haven’t seen you At the club for a while, I hope You’re not injured, as for “comedy genius”, I think You’ll find a few detractors there, and I must confess, I am helped by by my imaginary team of ghost writers, Though It’s nice of you to say so and if it”s any consolation, I tend to a agree with you

    Orlando, A nice comment From someone who in such a short time has helped raise the clubs batting averages, and I’m sure we’ve seen nothing yet.

    I’ve been called a leg-end before but never a LEGEND … though I am hoping to become an urban myth… or even an old wife’s tale, failing that a set of washing instructions would be nice, though nothing over 30c and on a slow spin cycle as I can’t take the heat and get dizzy very easily.

    But enough about me, in my report I forgot to mention that Tamar Trotters is the club to which Ann Luke a.k.a 1:21:11… belong to.

    So come on girls… get your skates on*.1…21…11…GO

    *not literally, you might get disqualified, though think a bikes are ok… rules?.. I don’t know!… they just make them up as they go along!

  3. Superb run Ed!!!
    Well worth more than a passing mention….. and as for the detour on hob nobs…surreal comedy genuis as always!!!!

  4. Congratulations Ed on running a PB at the recent Taunton Half-Marathon and setting a new Age Cat BvH Club Record (1:25:36). You are respectfully placed in UK Rankings and have every right to be proud of your achievement. There are not many BvHers who can run that fast over such a distance. And I believe that you can go even faster!
    Well done Barrie Roberts