Swansea Bay 10K – Sunday 25th Sept 2011

Four intrepid BvHers (Martin and Marie Foster + Barrie and Katie Roberts) made the journey to Swansea to witness, support and run in the annual Swansea Bay 10k Road Race.

Barrie reports: The Race Started in the vicinity of the St Helen’s Rugby ground (also famous as a cricket ground) on the dual carriageway of Oystermouth Road; 5k outward-bound on the main coastal road and the 5k return leg on the Swansea Bay coastal path.

Prior to the Start there was a 1 minute silence to remember the 4 miners who died recently in the Swansea Valley mining tragedy; it was a most moving occurrence and you could have ‘heard a pin drop’.

Runners were encouraged to assemble in time band zones which corresponded to their anticipated finishing times. Barrie and Martin lined up on the 45min time band zone and Katie headed for the 70 min time band.

The Race commenced promptly at 1pm with the elites leading the way. There was the usual large field for this popular 10k race. The humidity was quite high, and as the race progressed the temperature rose and the sun came out. As a consequence most runners took on liquid at the half-way mark and were slowed down, if only slightly, by the weather conditions.

Marie Foster’s active support from a bridge over the road,near the start and her encouragement near the end of the Race, plus the support of Swansea based Jen and Ian Milne who have longstanding links with Birmingham Rowheath and Bournville Harrier ,were very much appreciated by the competing BvHers who all had solid runs. Finishing times (ie. chip) were as follows:-

Barrie Roberts – V65M – 00:48:26
Martin Foster – V55M – 00:48:28
Katie Roberts – V60F – 01:14:43

Results (PDF)