Suz West reports on the Royal Parks Half

I was told about this race way back I am not sure when I think it was March. Martin Foster had told me he entered the ballot as he wanted to do it. I must admit I had heard of it only once before. I decided to enter the ballot not expecting to get a place. I cant remember how long I waited but I got an email to confirm I was in! First task hope Martin had also got a place unfortunately not making me feel slightly guilty.

The date of the race was 12th Oct , one week before Birmingham. I had decided this would be used as a training run some time ago. What I did not no at that time was I would be suffering a string of injuries after the jw ultra.

I had managed to find a cheap hotel 5 mins walk away from hyde park the start of the race. (When I say cheap I mean for London!) I had a walk to the start on the sat just to get my baring’s. The race itself started at 9am. I arrived in plenty of time to put my bag in. There was a runners village and food festival. I decided not to try any array of free samples on offer. I also realised as I got there, there was an ultra that started just before the half. These runners set off I think it was 30 miles for them but I am not to sure, it was further than 13.1 though!

As the runners for the ultra set off the rest of us did a warm up. This involved bouncing about in my case as co ordination is not my strong point. We then were told to get in our zones I was green which was fast runners. I had a mad moment were I noticed a 1.30 pacer and wondered if I could stick with him for a bit just to see how far I got at that pace. The moment of madness soon passed as my focus was Birmingham. I could see a 1.40 pacer decided to stick with him or just behind. Ben Fogual started the race the proceeded to jump in and run it. The first few miles took you out of Hyde park and into green park. The pacer seemed to be going slow for 1.40 and I had to make a pit stop the facilities on route were plenty. He obviously had sped up and I couldn’t spot him. The route then followed the bupa 10k route going out and back down the mall. Any one who has done the 10k will know it gets congested this race was no exception. Coming back in there was a glorious view of big ben my next planned marathon tattoo. I had the pacer back in view I had caught back up with the 1.40 group. However I decided to just keep him in view I was saving myself for bham. Also my hamstrings were both niggling. I just relaxed and enjoyed the run. The last 6 miles was all around Hyde Park you would be forgiven for forgetting you were in London this was a fantastic way to view this park at its best. Also the atmosphere in the park was brilliant I would say on a parr with the London Marathon. I was quite enjoying this experience but also enjoying knowing I had nearly finished. I crossed the line in 1.43.55 way off my pb but I was happy with that.

You were sent a t.shirt before you start to run in it was technical and xs actually fits which is a bonus. The end you were handed protein balls which I have been using recently after runs so that was great. A bottle of water , a canvass bag and a medal in the shape of a leaf.

Excellent race and defiantly a pb course if your not injured or doing bham half the week after. Were I was still injured and didn’t get a pb. Oh well good job Ive entered Warwick Half next March I may be injury free by then!      suz

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  1. Well done Suzanne 😉
    Hope you are on the road to becoming injury free!

  2. Congratulations Suz on completing the Royal Parks Half-Marathon,and thankyou for your Race Report which was a good read. I`m glad that you are enjoying your running. However,do give yourself some time to recover in between races.

    `Recovery Enables Successful Training.`