Suz West reports on the Dublin marathon

Half term week in England on the Monday in Ireland this is bank holiday and Dublin Marathon day. Six BvH made the trip over to the emerald aisle for this event.
I started in a different pen too the others as I had a plan and I needed too make sure I set off in the right position. The organisation in Dublin was spot on, having dropped my baggage off and wished my fellow team teal good luck I followed a big arrow too the sub 3.50 pen. My first decision go with 3.30 or 3.40 pacer my aim sub 3.45 in order to get a GFA place for London 2015.Deciding too go with 3.40 and try too be sensible.
The crowd grew while the announcement’s turned too inspirational running quotes, as  a fan of these I knew most of them and this definitely got you ready to believe 26.2miles is going too be hard but worth it.
We were off I could see the three 3.40 pacers ahead I managed to catch up with them and just ran in the group that had formed around them. The cheers from the Dublin crowds were amazing resisting the temptation too start running through the streets of Dublin cheering yay im in the marathon I kept calm and focused on the job head.
Before I knew it we were on mile five and heading into the lovely Phoenix park, still with the pacers the crowds chanting come on 3.40’s.All of a sudden runners stopped as there was an unexpected water station I nearly ran into a group of runners who had had a bit of a pile up, slowing me down I noticed the pacing sticks getting further away but I was not letting them out of my site, with my eyes on the target I caught back up. I considered going ahead but after having a bit of a chat with one of the pacers I stuck to my plan with the possibility of going at mile 20 or 23 but for now we were not even half way. Around mile 9 and one pacer told us right we are now approaching the hardest part yes it was a hill informing our group too keep too the pace and there was no need for hero’s here!!He then started chanting ogi,ogi,ogi enjoying myself chanting oi,oi,oi going up a hill in Dublin this was all seeming too much fun too feel like a Marathon I was having a great time. Before I knew it we were half way it was a bit hilly in parts but more underdulating anything. Around mile 15 it was flat and a nice run after the hilly part, I noticed we had lost a few of the group on the hills. Mile 16 the pacer informing me this is were your training really starts too pay off, this was were I started questioning myself have I done enough also knowing mile 18 fast approaching the point I hit the wall in London marathon. After reading a few signs from the crowd I had pain now Guinness later stuck in my head this was going too keep me going. The dreaded mile 18 came and our group was told we need to dig deep now for two miles, then we are on our way home. I kept with them mile twenty through Lucozade wall of support knowing somewhere on there it said good luck bournville harriers as Rachel Partridge had written it on there at the expo!The course narrowed again this really was the only negative thing I can say about this race the course got congested at times but would then spread back out. We seemed to be heading back to the city centre I kept plodding on before I knew it we hit mile 23!!The one pacer saying if you feel good go I went but not for long the pacers caught back up with me, deciding it was pointless and also my little group was sharing the experience I stayed with them again. Mile 24 I started too tire and the streets narrowed again I kept going I could see the pacers but knew I had dropped back a bit. Mile 25 still with pacers in site not out of my reach the crowds volume getting louder, the one pacer come back for me and a few others who had dropped back saying too me you’ve been with us the whole way your not dropping off now I dug deep, the finish line in sight the crowds shouting my name and the thought of that Guinness spurred me on. I crossed the line in 3.40.25 I went and thanked the pacers who said they were pleased I stuck with them the whole way.I was extremely happy with my time and Dublin marathon I will always rember as the day I learnt how too run a marathon.
The luck of the Irish also rubbed off on Simon Newman who got a pb and Nicola Morris who had a pb knocking a massive 20mins off her time!!!
Other BvH were
Maggie Curtis
Lesley Proctor
Philomena Williamson
From Suz West,links on Dublin marathon web site and times etc.

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  1. well done all!! Fab report Suz….always wondered what those miles actually felt like!?…It sounds like a brilliant experience… and a wonderful achievement!! hope you are feeling very proud of yourself! Thanks for the insight xx

  2. Thankyou everyone,yes I have the long distance bug but I will be concentrating on xc for a bit now,im just getting use too it so bear with me!!Maybe i can enter a xc marathon 🙂

  3. Massive congrats Suz! I don’t know how you do it!! Brilliant achievement. xx

  4. Great report Suz – you really seem to have got the long distance running bug!
    Congrats on a fantastic time

  5. Great Report Suz, what a fantastic time and how amazing that the pacer came back for you, it looks like all of the BVHers had a great experience with some impressive PBs, Well done all!

  6. Great report , very well done Suz and the rest of Team Teal 🙂 Really pleased all your hard work training paid off.

  7. Congratulations to all the BvHers who managed to successfully complete The Dublin Marathon. Yes,`GUINESS IS GOOD FOR YOU!`

  8. Nice report Suz and helps people to see what it takes to run a marathon to pace. How ace that the pacers came back for you.