Suz West reports on ‘Britain’s hardest 10k’

Myself Jude Glynn and Marianne Hensman thought we would give the race billed the hardest 10k in Britain ago. On arrival Jude and myself had already paid and collected our numbers with no problem. Marianne was able to enter on the day. So after a quick look at half the course I knew half of what to expect and yes it looked hilly!

Announcement’s were made as there was a relay race also taking place with each runner doing a lap 3.3k then very professionally exchanging batons. There was no hanging around here we were off. My plan take it easy first lap and speed up but as usual I got swept with the crowd It was obvious this crowd was going to break up pretty soon I mean I had already seen the first hill! So knowing what was ahead I tried to save myself the task ahead determined no hill was going to beat me. So as I overtook a few people who were probably not expecting this hill I was feeling quite pleased with myself. Then came the steep descent knowing this is not my strong point I just decided to let myself go as advise given by several other bvh recently. This worked much to my surprise. The descent lead us to a lap of the lake which was very scenic as the swans watched us. This part was more of an off road path. Then we took a turn back into grass and started climbing through a bit of a wooded area and a short sharp hill and back down. I liked this hill it was short. After this the course followed the park edge and yet another rather large hill appeared, followed by a bend and yet another hill. This took us back to the start. Were the relay teams passed batons to each other and the next runner did the same again. Or if you were insane enough to do 10k you carried on to lap two. Kenilworth runners had a tannoy system taking great delight in announcing happy birthday to one of there runners each time we passed. The lady was behind me the whole way. Second lap not surprisingly got harder but I kept going determined to do just that seeing a few walking I persevered with my mission. Finishing the second lap and passing the start/finish I was announced and this spurred me on giving a wave to the spectators. Last lap I knew I had to keep going I knew that big hill was there  I still ran up it although in a style that probably does not really constitute as running more like slow motion running but it was not walking! I carried on the last lap a guy kept me company both helping one another he over took me on the hills telling me keep going only to burn himself out and be walking/jogging at the top where I told him to keep going. We had worked out how long we would take and the last 2 k pushed each other. Last bit he went for a sprint finish before my attempt at a sprint finish. Cheered in by Marianne I sprinted over the line of Britain’s hardest 10k. We waited for Jude who Sprint finish to the end finished in dramatic style pipping a female and male runner to the post. The over enthusiastic Kenilworth tannoy speaker man was highly exited at this and announced Jude should have an extra kit kat in the goody bag for the finish. I’m not sure she git one though. My watch time is 50.26 im not sure of official results yet but im happy with that.

Marianne finished 3rd female overall and was awarded a trophy saing 3rd and a gift voucher for £30.

Goody bag was a medal, water, banana and kit kat. Facilities were good and parking easy.

Im not sure if this is the hardest 10k in Britain but at the time it felt like it and certainly the hardest 10k I’ve done. Im sure all that cross coutry work helped me out

Suz West

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  1. Well done ladies, x XCountry definitely paid off for this race. Xx

  2. Thankyou Suz for your account of the May Day 10k at Abbeyfields,Kenilworth. It is,almost certainly,one of the toughest 10k races in the Midlands. Congratulations to the BvH ladies contingent (Marianne,Suz and Jude) who successfully completed the X3 laps with hills.The strength and stamina acquired during the XC Season must have helped.