Stroud Half Marathon – 24 Oct 2010

Helen Bennett ran her very first half marathon on 24th October in Stroud Gloucestershire and got a time of 2 hours 12 minutes, a great time given it was her first attempt.

Helen writes: The route is lovely – starting in Stroud then winding out into country lanes before heading back into Stroud again. A generally undulating route with a steady hill between mile 6 and 7. The event organisation was fantastic, so it’s definitely a run I’d recommend – as long as it’s not on the same day as the Birmingham half again!

Full results (PDF)

One Reply to “Stroud Half Marathon – 24 Oct 2010”

  1. Many Congratulations Helen.A commendable effort for your first half marathon.Running longer distances this time of the year can help prepare the way for next year`s running programme;talk to the Coaching Team and your fellow runners at BvH.There is a rich fund of experience and expertese at BvH ie. for a wide range of distances and terraine/surface. Barrie Roberts