Stourbridge Stumble 2017

Anna Ostojitsch Reports: Come and do the Stumble they said, it will be fun they said – well mostly Jude said to be honest, not that I am pointing any fingers.

So off we went to Mary Stevens Park to run what was advertised as a longish 10k undulating (read hilly) multi – terrain (read muddy) event, we arrived in good time in the sunshine only for the sky to decide that the multi-terrain wasn’t muddy enough and it needed to rain on us a bit more.

At 6pm sharp we set off around the park with a short but sharp up and over piece before heading out onto the roads and into a housing estate. This isn’t too bad thinks the inexperienced me, if I can just keep Aine in my sights I will get a PB the very inexperienced me thinks. Then gradually at first but then quicker and quicker the off road comes, followed by the hills and then the mud, each time I thought well that must be the worst over the route had more mud or a bigger hill to throw at me. Eventually though we turned back towards a bit I remembered running uphill previously making it downhill on the return, back into the housing estate and park. As is Bournville tradition I turned the final bend in the park to a wall of noise and support coming from my fellow club members.

I might have been the last home but if you had judged it by the cheers you would have thought I had won. Would I do it again? The jury is still out. Would I recommend it to someone else? Yes, definitely, for the experience if nothing else.

One Reply to “Stourbridge Stumble 2017”

  1. Well done Anna – last home, but at least you completed it. It is not very often I drop out of a run, but I really had nothing in me. I hope that you did enjoy it now that you have had time to think about it. Multi-terrain is great!