Stourbridge Stumble – 14th August 2010

Lesley Pymm reports from this vaguely 10k race.

Just before I left home for the 6.00 start for the Stumble there was the most incredible thunderstorm – it really made me think twice about going. However, being made of sterner stuff, off I went. As I walked from the car park to the start there was still a bit of rain although not too much.

Of course, by the time event started, the sun had come out and it was quite warm, I think we would have all appreciated a shower. Ian Clarke, the race director announced that when they had recced the course earlier it had been pretty dry (lots of laughter from assembled athletes) but now it was probably going to be under water. Off we went.

I don’t like the first part of this event (or the 10 miler in February) as it is a loop of the park which involves a pretty steep hill before you have really had the chance to get going. That was soon over and off we went through a few streets before hitting a park and then a golf course. There is a little woody bit after the golf course, and then a main road to cross.

Unfortunately I was stopped at the road crossing so that they could let some cars though. It seemed like ages (I was not wearing a watch) but was probably no more than 30 seconds. We went on up a road to the drink station and then into the main loop of the event. It was not too bad at all. There is a bit of a climb along a gully and that was really muddy, so those in ordinary running shoes found it hard.

Later on there is the famous sandy bit, but the rain had meant that was easier than usual. Then it was back to the drink station and the reverse of the way out and into the start/finish area.

My time was 1.08.52 – as this was the third race in four days and I was taking it easy as I was doing a 100 mile cycle challenge the next day, I was pretty pleased. A scan of the results and the only other BvH I can see was Donna Haskayne who did a really good 51.28.